Sunday, May 4, 2014

REVIEW: There's a New Witch in Town by Tawny Weber

Her magic, his town, their love... is it enough? Or will a witch just regaining her powers have to choose between saving a cursed town, or giving up everything she’s come to care about?

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Adri's Review:

First off Thank you to Tawny Weber for providing me an ARC copy of this story so I could bring you this review.

This story was soo good that I am finding myself in needs of even more. Ms Weber did a fantastic job with this story. I am not normally a paranormal romance reader, but it was so good that I can't seem to get enough of it. I hope that Ms. Weber plans to turn this into a series because I would love to see these characters again.

The story and history behind the town of Rossdale is fantastic and very totally sweet. The fact that Gideon had been hurt by a witch in the past makes it easy to understand why he is so hesitant and reacts the way he does when he finds out about Miki's abilities.

Miki's need to run away and to learn to have not only self confidence as a witch but in her everyday interactions is why moving to Rossdale is perfect for her.

Happy Reading... Adri

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