Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Blogaversary!!!!

Well its been a great year for Sarah Says Read Romance. Even though I haven't been with the blog the full time (like Erin about 8 months) it has been a fantastic year. 

I feel so lucky and privileged to be a part of something so wonderful. The authors and people I've gotten to know, to be exposed, to thanks to this blog is incredible. Not only that I have gotten the honor of working with two very amazing women, who without them we wouldn't all be here celebrating today...

Even though I've always been an avid reader I never knew how many sub-genres there were to romance. Yes there are a few that I prefer and will stick to, it has been great to be exposed to so many others. Which in reality wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the authors and tour companies that we work with.

I never thought that taking some time to help a friend with a review here or there when she was swamped becoming a better person would turn into what it is today. When I'd told Sarah that I could help with a couple of guest reviews last summer, I never imagined that she would ask me to help her on a more permanent basis or that I would get to meet another amazing woman, in Erin. Don't let her fool you, her life is a riot many times. Much to my husbands chagrin, we will three way call and spend hours discussing or laughing about books/life/family. Because I am 2 hours behind Erin and Sarah many times we will end up talking while I am cooking dinner or the hubby has just gotten home from work (and he wants me to himself). But we always manage to still help each other out. Sorry I know Im rambling, but the point is these women have become family to me... they are sisters that I have across the country that I can share things about my life with, and that wouldn't have been possible has it not been for this blog and our mutual love of books.

As for the authors and tour companies, without you we wouldn't fall in love with so many book boyfriends. We wouldn't be able to escape into a world that you create for us, the readers, for the last year. So this blogaversary wouldn't be possible either without your continued and appreciated support. As for our followers whether its here, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or any other site we thank you as well, because you are the reason we want to do this. You readers out there are the reason we want to expose you to know stories that you might have not thought of reading had it not been for a review. Or heck you might not have even known a certain author existed before... I know I didn't know many of the authors who's books I've reviewed before being a part of this blog. 

My hope in the coming months and years is that we continue to grow and be able to bring you more and more books, have new reviewers so that we can have even more books for you all to get swept in. BTW don't be too scared of the changes that are coming I promise you they are a great thing. 

Once again Thank You for celebrating with us and...

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