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COVER REVEAL: Shaken by Heather Long

The Martini Sisterhood—five women bonded by the ties of friendship, supporting each other through challenges of surviving love, and loss.  For these women, life can change on a whimsical dare and a magic eight ball…

She’s good at sorting out professional messes…

Accountant Zip Crenshaw spends so much time on spreadsheets that’s she’s forgotten what it’s like to be between the sheets. During her weekly cocktail hour with the girls, they consult a Magic Eight Ball about her crush on bartender Tony. When the toy advises her to go for it, Zip dares to color outside the lines and go after the man who heats her dreams… 

He’s in the middle of a personal trial…

Tony Giordano enjoys Friday nights above all others, because it’s the one night a week he’s sure to see the sexy accountant and her friends. Having long since resigned Zip to the look, but don’t touch category, he’s blown away by her invitation.  Tony's always been a planner but with his custody battle looming, he's not prepared for the effect she has on him…

One night leaves them both shaken…

What began as a whimsical dare quickly turns passionate, but is an unquenchable desire—and a Magic Eight Ball’s advice—enough for these two planners to risk happily ever after on?

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REVIEW & LINK TO FREE READ: The Nurse in Charge by Wendy S. Marcus

 The Nurse in Charge
Wendy S. Marcus

A Tornado. A missing son. A mother in crisis is The Nurse in Charge.

Single mom Ruby Kendell loves her job as charge nurse on the night shift in Frost Community Hospital’s Emergency Department  But when a tornado touches down outside the local elementary school during an evening program, she’s torn between leaving work to locate her five-year-old son and trusting her ex-boyfriend to go on her behalf. She’s a single mom. She’s the nurse in charge of coordinating the hospital’s Code Red response to the devastating disaster.

What would you do?

Here is the link to where you can read the story for free, as part of Amazon's Look Inside option:

Sarah's Review:

So I need to first thank Wendy S. Marcus for giving the whole story as part of the Amazon Look Inside.  I also need to thank Cassandra Dean for sharing this on Facebook.  I would have missed this amazing short story!  Since this story is so short, this review will be very short as well. 

If you like medical romances, then this is a story that you should read.  It shouldn't take you more than an hour.  I loved that these two characters had some "stuff" to work out, but they were in love and you could tell. 

I will be looking in to getting the anthology to read the rest of the stories. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

REVIEW: It's Just Love by Kate Richards

It’s Just Love

Kate Richards

Blurb: Coral Nixie is living her dreams. Her cottage is blocks from her beloved beach and a haven for those seeking answers for their relationship problems. And so what if her own love life is non-existent? Helping others and surfing should be enough for anyone, even a virgin, slightly lonely witch. 

Gage Middleton is a successful author and relationship counselor. His “Factors” can indicate the success of any relationship, and he’s about to propose to his own perfect match. Until Ms. Perfect dumps him, and he has to go on TV and defend his theories against a ridiculous, hippy witch with the most beautiful eyes.

On a dare from the host, the two set out to follow another couple on their first three dates. The man and woman they follow have nothing in common and neither do they. Can they let go of their own stubborn beliefs and accept that there’s nothing to prove in the midst of their own attraction? After all, It’s Just Love.

Excerpt: Coral woke early, despite the fact that Gage had stayed into the wee hours. He’d been happy to discuss his work, but reticent about his girlfriend. Perhaps the perfect 10 was displeased about their spending these three evenings together. Coral would be happy to reassure her that she had no designs on him. A stuffed shirt like him did not enter her sights. Of course not.

She recalled her decision to consider dating again. Sid was dead, but she was alive. And he’d never want her to live sad and lonely. He had been a kind, considerate guy, finding joy in so many small things. Nothing had taken that from him, even toward the end, when he became a frail shell of his former, robust self. Shame filled her. She’d promised to move on, sworn it as she sat by his deathbed. And she’d broken that vow, or at least neglected it, for three years.

Well, no more. She would begin dating immediately. She’d find someone…somewhere. There sure as heck was nobody in her life now. Filled with purpose, she eschewed surfing for the day and prepared for a small ritual. Time to close one door, so another could be opened. The Goddess could not give her anyone new as long as she clung to the past. And three years was long enough to grieve for someone who had not even been a lover. He’d wanted that, but she hadn’t been sure, and by the time she realized how much he meant to her, his health was so poor she’d only been able to give him her time and care, nothing more.

She closed the curtains, swept the living room, and feather-dusted, wanting a clear space. Then she showered and patted herself dry, leaving her hair hanging down her back, and returned to the living room. Lighting a single, white taper, she sat cross-legged on the floor. White for the Goddess, white for purity. Staring at it, she stood and lit a green one, for change. Once upon a time she would have done more preparation, but truly what occurred was inside herself, and the rest were trappings for onlookers.

The Goddess would understand. Staring at the twin flames, Coral went deep inside and made a wish and a promise. This time, a gift would not be rejected. “Whoever you bring me, Lady, I will not waste the time. I know now how precious and rare true love is.”

When the candles burned down and winked out, she was filled with peace. Perhaps it would be a surfer, or maybe one who practiced the craft…or maybe an accountant. But she trusted that it would be the right one for her, if indeed such a person existed. A flicker of doubt passed through her. If she hadn’t missed her chance.

And looking for the right man would distract her from the wrong one she would be spending the evening with. Gage Middleton, handsome and charming…and even gallant, but he was not for her. The attraction was merely bad timing, or maybe it served to wake her up to her need to move forward.

Author Bio

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts.
Beachwalk Link:
Amazon Link:
Facebook Fan Page 
Goodreads Page

Sarah's Review

Thanks to Beachwalk Press and Kate Richards for this great story.  BWP posted on their FB page that they had a giveaway going and I didn't have this book yet.  Anyway, I won the giveaway, so I thought I could thank Kate and BWP by doing a review!

If you are friends with me on FB, you know my time reading has been drastically cut and I am lucky to read 1-2 chapters a day.  Kate was so understanding with the simple fact that it was taking me days to read this one.  Normally I can read a novella in a couple hours, but this one took me 6 days.  It would have taken me longer but I forced my self to finish it after class last night (9/21).

I really enjoyed these characters.  There was something  about Coral and Gage that I liked.  I like that they were so different and was looking forward to Gage getting knocked down a peg or two.  At first I thought he was an arrogant man who thought he was always right.  However, after being dumped by "his perfect 10" I felt bad for him,, after I laughed at him.

I love that Coral was able to knock Gage on his butt, metaphorically speaking!  I also enjoyed that she had a connection with someone that had a connection with Gage.  While I was reading it, I often wondered if that person pushed them together.  Do you want to know?  Read this story!!  I also thought that what was happening was being viewed in the wrong perspective and I was right on some parts! 

There were a few things that were different for me, but it truly worked for this story.    

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REVIEW: Carry Me Home by Alexa Bourne

Carry Me Home (Tease)
Alexa Bourne
After six months in the city, Mary MacDougall returns to the Scottish Highlands to finalize her divorce. Because of a past tragedy, she doubts her husband Jamie can possibly love her with the same unbridled passion as before and insists ending the marriage is best for both of them.
But Jamie has other ideas….

Jamie MacDougall has no intention of letting his bonnie lass go. At least not without a fight. Aye, they’ve suffered heartache, and she may be ready to call it quits, but he refuses to throw away the partnership they’ve built since they were children. Instead, he’ll remind her they were meant to be together, forever.

Can this marriage survive pride and grief to allow love to carry them home?
Available at:



“What do you want, Jamie?” She’d not get caught up in his soulful amber eyes. No, she would not.

“You’ve had your bit of fun, but I want you to come home.” He tilted his head to one side and drifted his fingertips along her bare arm.

She yanked away. “I’ve come to get my papers from you, to say good-bye to those I love, and to move on with my life.” She stepped around him and continued down the path to the center of Glenhalish. “I’ll be at the Kierlain House until Sunday. Please bring the forms and leave them with the front office.”

“I don’t have them.” He nearly shouted with glee. “I tossed them out.”

“I thought you might say that.” Smiling on the heels of another small victory, she fished through her handbag and pulled out another copy of the divorce papers. She’d come armed with a half-dozen copies just in case he chose to be difficult. She strode back to him with her chin held high and slapped the papers against his chest. “Here.”

Jamie stared at the lass’s fine arse strutting away from him. Her hair had been cut, straightened and the summer dress with the flowery print accentuated all the curves he’d fallen for so many years ago, the curves he knew so intimately. And those heels, for the love of St. Bridget, Mary hadn’t worn high heels like that since she left school. They’d brought her closer to his height, yet she still only reached his shoulders.

She’d left Glenhalish in January, a cold, distant housewife, and come back this alluring woman. For a moment, panic set inside his gut. He’d intended to convince her to come home so they could face their grief and move on together, but seeing how much happier, sexier, and sophisticated she was, perhaps Edinburgh was good for her, better than he could be.

But he wanted her back, wanted to get through this rough patch they’d strayed onto after the lad’s death, and return to the partnership they’d shared since primary school. They had too many years left. She couldn’t leave him. He wouldn’t survive without her.

The lass may have plans to leave him forever, but Jamie MacDougall wouldn’t give her up without a fight.

Sarah's Review: 
Thanks to Decadent Publishing and Alexa Bourne for giving me the chance to read this story.  What I didn't know or realize was that I should have read this one before Silent Surrender which was reviewed here.   While it is not extremely important to read this first, it kinda spoiled it for me since I knew what was going to happen. Since I read Silent Surrender first, I already liked Jamie and Mary both, but I am glad that I got to read their story.  It actually answered a lot of questions that I had after reading Silent Surrender. 

My favorite part of this story was watch Jamie fight to get Mary back.  It also shows how lack of communication can tear people apart when they need each other the most.  I was swooning over some of the things Jamie did.   

Now my question for Alexa:  Can you write more about the MacDougall brothers?   

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September Giveaway!!

It's that time again!!  If you want to be entered to win a $5 gift card, then fill out the rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Release: Lea Barrymire - Touching Chopper: Fated Mates, Inc. Series

Thank you for having me, Sarah! I'm extremely excited about my self-pubbed short story series...
Fated Mates, Inc.

Story 3 in the Fated Mates, Inc. Series
Touching Chopper

Chad 'Chopper' Deiter walks into Samantha's physical therapy office and she can't help but trip over her own feet and tongue each time she sees him. All that leather and denim sets her heart racing. When Sam shows up for her first Fated Mates date and Chopper rolls in on his motorcycle she nearly faints. What's she supposed to do? Blow off her dating service setup or the man she's been eyeing?

Sam steeled her nerves, knowing she’d end up stumbling over her tongue if it was Chopper who’d just come wandering into the office. She knew by the deep-voiced humming echoing through the waiting room that it was indeed the biker. She watched Becky grin and then wink before heading out the doorway. Sam tried to stop her friend. The impish gleam in her eye let Sam know Beck was going to do something to embarrass her.
“Chopper. Dude. You’re looking ripped. We were just talking about you.”
“Oh. We who?” Deep, sensual and gritty. His voice dripped with southern charm and a touch of bad-boy attitude.
Becky continued and Sam could tell she hadn’t gone too far from the door. “Samantha and I.”
His heavy riding boots made a distinctive noise as he strode across the room and came ever closer to the office.
Sam looked around for something to keep her eyes focused on. Papers? No, that wouldn’t work. She didn’t want to seem rude by not making eye contact, but his eyes were always so intense. They held her captive each time she spoke to him.
“Hey, darlin’.”
God, his voice made her melt. She peeked up and felt the creeping heat along her cheeks. Fuck. She couldn’t even look at him without blushing. It was good that she had naturally darker skin and for once she’d worn her hair down. At least the curtain of brown locks gave her something to hide behind.


The first two books in the series....

Byte Marks: Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.
Liz stepped into the waiting room for Fated Mates, Inc with trepidation. Driven to the dating service by her meddling family, she walks in hoping for something but expecting nothing. What she received was a chance encounter with a hunky tattooed man. Byte happens to be interviewing for his first date assignment as well.
A building-wide power failure causes a lockdown that throws them together and the sparks fly.

Barnes and Noble

All Romance eBooks

Justin's Desserts: Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.

Alicia prides herself on the chocolate confections she creates. But running her own business leaves her lonely. When someone pays for her to have a month's services from Fated Mates, Inc. she can't pass up the opportunity and waits impatiently for her first match to contact her.

When Justin walks into her store, Sweet Success, she can't help but melt like the finest of Belgian chocolates.

Naughtiness abounds with melted chocolate, sprinkles and other sticky fun...

All Romance eBooks

Find Lea Barrymire and all her books:

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PROMO & REVIEW: Sisters in Love by Melissa Foster

Sisters In Love
The Snow Sisters Series Book One
By: Melissa Foster
Releasing September 9th, 2013

Danica Snow has always been the smart, practical, and appropriate sister.   As a therapist, she prides herself on making reasonable, conservative choices, even if a bit boring, and as part of the Big Sister Program, she has little time for anything more in her life.

Blake Carter is a player. He never gets bored of conquering women, and with his sexy good looks and successful lifestyle, he has no trouble finding willing participants. When his friend and business partner dies in a tragic accident, he suddenly, desperately, wants to change his ways. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to stop doing what he does best.

When Blake walks into Danica’s office, the attraction between them is white hot, but Danica isn't the type to give into the heat and risk her career. Danica’s desire sets her on a path of self-discovery, where she begins to question every decision she’s ever made. Just this once, Danica wants to indulge in the pleasures of life she’s been so willingly ignoring, but with her Little Sister in turmoil and her biological sister’s promiscuousness weighing heavily on her heart, she isn’t sure it’s the right time to set her desires free.

SISTERS IN LOVE is a light, uplifting work of women's fiction and will resonate with readers who enjoy emotional journeys of the heart with strong heroines and sexy, lovable heroes. Readers of books by Jane Porter and Beth Kendrick will enjoy Danica and Blake's story.

Buy Links:

Author Info
"Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women. She is the real deal"-- Bestselling Author Jennie Shortridge
"What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about... desperately. This  is psychological suspense at its most chilling. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked."  International bestseller, M.J. Rose 
Melissa Foster is an award-winning, International bestselling author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Café. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on  Fostering Success. Melissa is also a community builder for the Alliance for Independent Authors. She has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine. 

Author Links
Twitter: @Melissa_Foster
My social network for women:
World Literary Café:
Facebook Melissa Foster: (Fanpage)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sarah's Review:

Thank you to Lisa at Tasty Book Tours and Melissa Foster for the opportunity to read this story. As soon as I read the book info, I wanted to read this one.  This story didn't disappoint me. Right from the beginning, I was hooked.  I wish I would have been able to read it straight through, but internship and work prevented that.  I read this story on the train to and from internship and before I went to bed. 

I connected with Danica almost immediately.  I believe that it is because she is a counselor and that is what I am going to school for.  Danica appears to have it together in her professional life but her personal life, from the outside, is anything but together.  She doesn't appear to be concerned with her personal life until her sister pushes her to get out and do something.  I felt bad for Danica because her sister was forcing her to come out with the girls when she didn't want to, but she did it for her sister. 

I was sketchy about Blake and his womanizing ways in the beginning, but he won me over.  After experiencing the loss of his business partner and friend, he begins to question his life.  There were times when my heart broke for him, times when I wanted to deck him, but times when I felt his vulnerability. 

Danica's sister, well, I don't know what to think of her still.  I hope that Melissa Foster will be writing her story too.