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 Happy Birthday to Sarah Says: Read Romance! I’m happy to be here and joining in on this birthday bash celebrating the blog being in existence for a year. Congrats & here’s to another successful year and more! Now for my post about my home town and how I like to travel…

Ah, Las Vegas, a wonderful city and my home base. It can be a great place for a writer with its many different opportunities for observation and glimpses into the personas of others. At triathlon races and marathons, I’ve seen the sun rise several times over Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas and the strip. I’ve people watched on the boulevard and downtown while traversing around, frequenting the restaurants, and gambling into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve stargazed with others deep into the night at Red Rock. I’ve gone to school here. Then, of course, there are the writers and writing groups. Those can be in a whole category of interesting on their own.
Las Vegas is a place where dreams can be made one day and broken the next. A place where if you have the money and/or the right connections your every wish can be met, your fantasies fulfilled, and even if you don’t have the big bank roll or connections, you can still pretty much live out your desires. Las Vegas—a city where you have many chances to become engrossed in fantasies and become inspired.
Of course living in a land locked, tourist city makes hubby and I want to vacation in locations with water. What better way of doing that than cruising? It’s a floating all-inclusive hotel and can take you to great locations around the globe. We’ve been in the western Caribbean. We’ve been on the Mexican Riviera a few times now. Soon we’ll be visiting Alaska and Canada. There are so many opportunities on the ship—from relaxing in the adults’ only section to dancing the night away in one of the clubs. We feel it’s a great way to travel. Granted our wallets get stretched with the bill for drinks, but we take that in to account when saving for the trip. ;)
Now you might be asking what this has to do with my writing. A lot. :) I set a lot of my stories in the Las Vegas area. If they aren’t set here, they at least get tied into the city. Like with my Sunset series through Decadent Publishing. We had gone on a cruise to Cozumel Mexico and Grand Cayman, and I set the first story, Sunset Desires, in Grand Cayman. The rest of the series takes place in and around Las Vegas. Cruising also allows me to people watch and catch dialogue and antics from a diverse population on the boat which ultimately helps in strengthening my writing.
Also in Las Vegas, there’s a readers’ conference called Hot Mojave Knights. This year it’s in September. It’s a great place for readers to connect with some of their favorite authors. I’ll be there this year and according to the website there’s a great line up of other authors attending. Find out all the info here: Hot Mojave Knights

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