Saturday, May 17, 2014


We have a very special announcement to make: 

Adri and I both have a special message for Sarah, and if you choose to, leave her a comment and tell our girl CONGRATS!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say a huge CONGRATS to Sarah on her graduation today. She is an inspiration that no matter what life throws at you and how busy ones life can become, you can still achieve everything you wish for in life.

She is managing to graduate with her Master’s today, even though she’s a single mom, who works many hours a day and runs this blog, she has made it to this day. And I know we want to wish her such a happy and wonderful day. We love you big time sweet lady. And we are so very proud of you for what you’ve achieved. This day is to be savored and enjoyed because YOU DESERVE IT!!!!


I am so proud of you!! Congrats!! You deserve this girl and have worked your ass off to get here. Just think, no more papers, no more research, no more school!! You are an inspiration to everyone out there. We love you and could not be prouder. Now, go forth and kick some ass lady! Love you!!



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