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REVIEW: Falling for Her Navy SEAL....Again by Clarissa Yip

Falling for her Navy SEAL...Again
Calendar Men: Mr. October
Clarissa Yip
Genre: Contemporary, erotic, military romance
Heat level: 4
Word count – 29800
Cover art by Mina Carter

Injured during his last mission, Navy SEAL Matt Hunt is ready to face an even bigger mission: picking up where he’d left off with his best friend’s sister….

Except Jenesi isn’t that forgiving. Prim and conservative, Jenesi knows what she wants and that is to make sure she doesn’t make a fool of herself with Matt again.

But when this Navy SEAL is determined to claim her as his, she questions his true motives. Is he looking for a fling or a walk down to forever? Can she trust him not to leave her again?


“I’m home.”

Her green eyes narrowed. “Go to hell.”

The door slammed in his face. He stared at the orange, leafy wreath hanging on the white panel. Shock coursed through him. What just happened?

He rapped on the door, anger rising through his throat. Could she seriously be this mad at him? “Jenesi, open up.”

“Go home.”

“I am home.”

“Go back to your dad’s.”

“Open the door.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to talk.”

“Jared isn’t here.”

“I’m not looking for your brother.”

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“The hell we don’t. You can’t be mad at me about last time. We both had too much to drink. We weren’t acting like ourselves.” He stuck his hands into his pockets, his heart pounding hard. “Besides, I miss you.”

About the Author:
Contemporary romance author, Clarissa Yip, leads a life of adventure and mischief. Constantly on the run, she’s always hanging out with her muse, plotting the next best story, and looking for anything that will fuel her imagination. Besides being an avid reader and writer, Clarissa enjoys scrapbooking, video games, immersing herself in addictive TV shows, and engaging in anything that will challenge her mind. A lover of food and languages, she also loves to try new things. Her dreams involve finding the ultimate way to share her world with yours. From the Hawaiian island of Oahu to the beautiful season-changing New York, you never know where she’ll be.

Sarah's Review
Thanks again to Decadent Publishing and Clarissa Yip for feeding a reading addiction.   Authors and publishers like you are what keeps this blog running.  Thanks for keeping us going!

The title alone caught my attention and was an instant yes that I would review it, never-mind that I have read and reviewed all the others in this series.  Then the cover....whoa!  This character is one that caught my attention! 

I have been trying to figure out how to review this for a few days now and I am still at a loss for words.  It's been a while since I have been at a loss for what to say.  With this being a short story, it makes it difficult to not give anything away that isn't already in the blurb. 

What happens when you realize that you are in love with your best friend's sister?  What happens when you already left this woman wanting more?  A reunion like no other.                   

WEDNESDAY W/ WNY AUTHOR: Stephanie Haefner and a Review of Try Me on for Size

Try Me On For Size
Stephanie Haefner
In an attempt to save her floundering lingerie business, Mia suggests a radical idea: a custom-designed sex toy. She just didn’t expect to be the one to test out the prototypes, or find love in the process.

When her widowed business partner is emotionally unable to help with the hands on research this venture requires, it’s up to Mia to have sex with the potential “Spokespenises,” whose presence in the store will be just as important as their toys on the shelf. But once the first bedroom interview is complete, she realizes it’s not as easy as she thought to keep these trysts all business and no pleasure. With her overbearing family scrutizing her every move, and none of them wishing for her success, her sanity is in as much risk as the shop is.

Oliver thought he was talking to a random stood-up woman at a bar, but when she mistakes him for her interviewee, he can’t resist going along with the charade. The business proposition is too enticing to pass up. For once in his life, he’s doing something that makes him happy, reputation be damned. And maybe it will also rid him of his evil, lying fiancĂ©.

Try Me On for Size excerpt
 “We need something special. Something women can’t get everywhere else.”
“Like what?”
Mia remembered an ad she’d seen in the back of a lingerie catalog. A do-it-yourself dildo mold. Any woman could make a rubber replica of her man’s junk to use when he was away.
“How about selling those custom dildo-making kits? Couples can take them home and make it together.”
“That’s good. I think you’re on the right track.” Bryn’s brow furrowed as she walked to the window. “But how many women out there are like me and don’t have a model at home to mold?”
“So, maybe we can find guys to mold. Like have a catalogue of penises or something?”
Bryn spun around, smile wide, eyes all glittery like the new bra-and-panty sets that came in the week before. “No. Just one penis. One guy to be our signature penis. A spokespenis!”
“Oh, I like it!” Penny said. “He can make appearances at the store. Women can buy his replica and get his autograph.”
“Yes. Exactly! A hot guy women can meet and have a face to take home with the toy. They can chat with him, flirt, take pictures.”
“I don’t know,” Mia said, needing to add her thoughts to the conversation. “Is this really what we want for the store? I don’t want to change the reputation we’ve built. We shouldn’t cheapen it, ya know?”
Bryn shook her head. “No. I think women will love it. And if you ask me, it’s time for a change. We need something big if we’re gonna survive. Yeah, it’s a risk, but anything we do now is a risk, including sticking to the same formula we’ve used for eight years.”
She had a point. “Okay. It’s worth a shot. But if we’re gonna do this, we do it right. And by that I mean interviewing legitimate models. I don’t want some random guy who’ll get off on having his penis cloned.”
“No. We’ll have a strict screening process, including references, drug testing . . . STD testing.”
“Yep. All that.” Mia made some notes on her pad. Whoa. Back up. “STD testing? Why would we need that?”
“Well, like I said. We need to test the toys before we sell them. And I’m not going to mold random penises that aren’t any good.”
“How are we gonna test that?”
Mia knew that glint in Bryn’s eyes. And she was not going to like the answer.
“By using it before it’s molded.”
No. No, she couldn’t mean that.
“Someone needs to have sex with the models to make sure their member is adequate.”
“Why? Can’t we tell that just by looking at it?”
“No. Different girths and lengths have different feels. You can’t know how it will feel by just looking, or even touching them with your hand. Only a real live vagina can get the data we need to do this right. We need someone who can do this objectively and make an informed decision. And since Penny is married and Grant can’t do it, that only leaves . . .”
Bryn eyed Mia, the mischievous grin back.
“Oh, no. What about you, Miss Sassy? You’re the one who said the penises need to be tested.”
“I can test the already-made toys. I can’t test the models.”
“Sure you can.”
The smile faded from Bryn’s face. “You know I’m not ready.”
“Well, I am not having sex with random strangers.”
“They wouldn’t be random. They’d be thoroughly screened. I can call legitimate modeling agencies and tell them what we’re looking for. We’ll send them for full health screenings. We’ll select guys for the final round and then you’ll have sex with them. But not real sex. Just test it out and see how it feels from different angles. Make sure it’s thick enough, long enough. Not bent or anything funky.”
“Are we seriously having this conversation?”
Penny sat there, giggling. “I think it’s brilliant.”
“No. I’m not doing it. End of discussion. There has to be another way.”

Sarah's Review:  
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC for this story.  I wanted this story to support a WNY author, Stephanie Haefner, then life prevented me from reading for a few weeks.  Now I am playing catch up.  Thanks Stephanie for understanding that life happens!  

WARNING:  If sex toys bother you, stop reading.  If you don't have a sense of humor, close the window.  Oh and don't drink or eat since this story can cause choking to occur from laughing. 

What would you do to make sure your business doesn't go out of business and you decide to go a route that could make or break you?  You take a risk.  

How do you find the right option for this risk?  You a have auditions for a model.  

This is just the beginning but the twists and turns of this great story made me fall in love with the characters.  Some of the events made me dislike a character, but I could see that person's side too.  

When Mia meets Oliver, she thinks he is one of the models that is supposed to meet her for the new business venture.  What Mia doesn't expect is that she won't be able to get Oliver out of her mind. She also doesn't expect that she will fall in love with Oliver either.    Oliver was not in a position that he shouldn't have been at that meeting, nor was he in a position to fall in love with Mia, but life has a way of throwing people for a loop. 

When the decision is made to have two models for the new venture, the hilarity ensues.  Oliver and Logan, the other model, have a bet over who will sell more.  A scandal involving Logan has mixed reactions for the store, but it also opened the door for new opportunities for them.   Then the drama hits during the scandal and how Mia and Oliver handle the situation is what made me forgive Oliver for his actions.  

I really love that this story had me laugh, cry and fall in love with characters! 

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: BLue Dahlia (Guilded Flower Series) by Vivian Winslow

Blue Dahlia
Vivian Winslow
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 16, 2014

Purchase: Amazon US 

Blue Dahlia is the first book in the second trilogy of Vivian Winslow's Gilded Flower series, featuring Lily Baron's free-spirited twin sister, Dahlia.

New York socialite Dahlia Baron is falling for her Latin lover, Rodrigo Cruz, the scion of the Mama Linda Latin foods empire, and hopes to take the relationship to the next level. But there's is a dark secret that she must deal with first in order to truly give her heart to him. When Dahlia visits the man from her past, will the undercurrents of her emotions let her go to Rodrigo or will they pull her back to the one person who stands between them?

Mature readers only. 18+


Dahlia leads Rodrigo up a wide flight of stairs and through a small photography exhibition with a sleepy guard standing by the entryway. They cross the empty room to an unmarked door. She produces a key card and swipes it.
“How?” Rodrigo begins to ask.
She replies with a wink and closes the door behind them. “This is where they keep the pieces waiting to be sent to the storage facility,” Dahlia whispers as they walk past rows of cloth covered paintings and wooden crates. As they reach the end of the corridor, Dahlia pulls Rodrigo into the last row.
Without hesitating, he draws her mouth to his, their kiss all-consuming. His hot tongue finds hers and takes the kiss so deep it sends electricity through her body. He always knows what she needs in the moment. Today, she wants all of him. She needs his reassurance.
He cups her face with his hands and gently tugs on her lower lip with his teeth. The desire in his eyes leaves her core throbbing for him. She moans as she feels his generous erection press up against her.
Rodrigo’s hand moves under her skirt, grabbing and kneading her ass before hitching her leg around his waist. Without missing a beat, she leans back against the wall to allow him better access to her snatch.
He smiles seductively, licking his bottom lip as his hand goes exploring, palming her clit. He presses his lips hard against hers, and she relishes in the heady feeling his kisses give her. Her hips begin to move to the rhythm of his fingers, as he glides them in and out of her wet, hot love tunnel.
Dahlia gasps as he begins to move faster. “I want you inside me,” she whispers, her breathing strained by the excitement of the moment. She can’t get enough of him. “Love me now.”
Dahlia playfully bites and licks his neck as she runs her hands through his thick dark hair. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else, baby.”
Rodrigo brusquely lifts her by her ass, and she wraps her legs around him. He moans as he sinks his hard cock into her.
He moves slowly at first, enjoying the tightness of her cunt. Dahlia closes her eyes as he plunges deeper into her core. She likes that he takes it slow with her, his fullness becoming all that she can feel, overwhelming her senses.
Blue Dahlia is a lot of story packed in to a beautifully written novella. Dahlia, I wanted to dislike her but I just couldn't. She is a woman who looks like she has it all but inside she's broken, and she must deal with her past before she can move on with her future. She's indecisive, she passionate, and she has no freaking clue what the hell she really wants. She thought she knew, until she had to face the past head on. I fell in love with her story and finished it fairly quickly. It's steamy, emotional and the kind of story that you get caught up in. We just begin to scratch the surface and Vivian keeps you interested right up to the last word. I can't wait for the next installment to see if Dahlia made the right decision. I know who I want her with, and he's out riding the waves right now!

Vivian Winslow was born and raised in Southern California. Before becoming a writer, she made a career out of moving around the world every couple of years thanks to her husband’s job. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two elementary school age children, and is grateful to finally have a place to call home for more than two years. New York is the perfect city to indulge her love of shopping, the arts and especially food.

If she’s not at home writing or running around the city with her kids, you’ll most likely find her indulging in pizza on the Lower East Side or having a cocktail at her favorite bar in Alphabet City. That said, she’s still a California girl at heart and would gladly trade in her heels for a pair of flip-flops to catch a sunset on the beach. .

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JOINT COVER REVEAL: Behind Closed Doors by Lisa Renee Jones

Behind Closed Doors: The Player
(Inside Out 0.1)


Skye's friend Ella convinces her to go Auction Hunting with her. While Ella scores a unit
 with Rebecca's Journals that she later gives to Sara in the first chapter of IF I WERE
 YOU, Skye buys a unit of her own where she finds a key to a locker. And what she finds
 inside will lead her to mystery,
danger, and passion.

RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2014
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Behind Closed Doors: The Gamble
(Inside Out 0.2)
Skye's story continues...

More information coming soon!


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If I Were You (bk 1) 

Being Me (bk 2)

Revealing Us (bk 3)

His Secrets (bk 3.1)

Rebecca's Lost Journals (bk 3.2 and includes The Master Undone bk 3.3)

My Hunger (bk 3.2) 

No In Between (bk 4)

My Control (bk 4.1)

I Belong to You 

All of Me

Amazon PRE-ORDER 2/2/2015:

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, and is now in development by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland) for cable TV. In addition, her Tall, Dark and Deadly series and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, both spent several months on a combination of the NY Times and USA Today lists.

Watch the video on casting for the INSIDE TV Show HERE

Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 40 books translated around the world. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.

Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at on her website and she is active on twitter and facebook daily.

PROMO & GIVEAWAY: Big Game: Hunted Love #1 by Aden Lowe

Big Game Cover 
  Title: Big Game: Hunted Love #1
By: Author Aden Lowe 
  Released On: September 15th, 2014 
  Genre: Western Romance 

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  Amazon US 

  *Recommended for ages 18 and up due to sexual situations and some strong language*  

When a legendary predator decides prize horses should be on his menu, Kate takes the advice of her neighbor ranchers and hires a big game hunter to track the mountain lion and remove the threat. The hunter arrives to take up the trail, but instead of the seasoned older man she expects, he's young and impossibly sexy. Freshly back from deployment to Afghanistan as a special forces operative, Jakob needs to clear his head of the horrors of war. When his uncle is injured, Jakob steps in to fulfill the older man's commitment to hunt down a mountain lion on the other side of the state. The prospect of several days in the wilderness with only his horses and dogs for company sounds like the ideal opportunity. Except the infuriating female rancher insists on going along for the ride.

blog tour img 1 

Continuing her wide circuit of the rig, Kate's attention fell to the custom crates built into the bed of the pickup. That explained it. Dog kennels meant the hunter had arrived hours earlier than she expected. But why bring his own horses? As far as she'd heard, most only brought their dogs, and the rancher was expected to provide whatever transportation the hunter preferred, whether it was horses or ATVs. She'd already had two heavy duty ATVs prepared, packed with provisions and extra fuel, in expectation. And where was the hunter, anyway? Turning, she looked down by the barn, expecting to see a stranger poking around. Nothing. Puzzled, she examined the truck closer. Surely he hadn't slept in it? No one deliberately slept in a truck the night before hitting the trail with days in the saddle ahead. And yet, where else could he be? She approached the driver's door carefully and stretched to try and see through the dark tinted window. Nothing visible, of course. A tap at the window should wake anyone inside, so she gave it a try, and stepped back to wait. A heavy hand dropped onto her shoulder and she jumped hard, biting back a surprised yelp, and swung, her knuckles landing solidly on a hard jaw. The deep male grunt confirmed she'd landed a good blow. Long fingers circled her wrist in a grip that promised to easily crush the small bones if she resisted. Frozen in place, Kate glared up. And up, past a strong throat, beard-shadowed jaw, unsmiling mouth, and straight nose to meet a startlingly green glare. "I'll let go if you promise not to hit me again." Kate nodded willingness to comply and took a fast step back as soon as she was free, while her lower body clenched in sudden tense awareness. "Who the hell are you? And why are you parked by my house?" Dammit, she sounded flustered and breathless, rather than stern and commanding. Damn hormones picked the most ridiculous and inconvenient times to wake up and kick her ass. His lip quirked a little, as if he could read her thoughts as clearly as the newspaper. "Sorry to startle you, ma'am. I'm Jakob Barger. We spoke yesterday evening I think?" He waited for her nod of recognition. "I pulled in after two and didn't want to disturb your stock, so I parked up here. I hope that's okay?" The combination of gravelly voice and contrite attitude set more hormones on the rampage by way of thundering her pulse through her pelvis. "Kate Holt. Sorry for the… uh," she brushed a hand over her own jaw to indicate the reddening mark on his. "I don't normally go around hitting perfect strangers." The same long fingers that had circled her wrist gently probed the red mark. "Couldn't prove it by me." A sudden sheepish grin broke the tension. "I don't normally go around startling harmless women either, so I guess we're even. If you'll show me where to park my rig, I'd like to let my animals stretch their legs while I get everything ready." "Of course. Can I hitch a ride? I'll help you unload." No way he'd get that big-ass rig parked without someone directing him either, but she didn't say that. "Thanks." He efficiently loaded his animals back into the trailer, then rounded the front of the truck in long easy strides and opened the passenger door and stood waiting. Evidently he meant to hold the damn door for her to climb in. Kate gave a little shrug. Whatever floated his boat, as long as he caught that lion, made no difference to her. Except he stood there watching her. "You know you don't have to hold the door for me, right? I can manage that little task for myself." Annoyance crept into her voice. Reacting to what he probably thought was her resistance to being taken care of in any way by a man, Barger raised his hands and stepped away from the truck. "Suit yourself." He crossed back to the driver's side. Kate took advantage of his attention being elsewhere to get to the passenger door. Now why the hell did she need to hide her limp? She never bothered with it, and he would see it sooner rather than later anyway, while she helped him park and unload. Certainly not vanity—she'd long ago given that up, settling for neat and clean, or hardworking when that wasn't possible. So what on earth had her hiding her weakness from Jakob Barger? It wasn't like she had even a remote chance in hell at getting his attention, or even truly wanted to, despite the uproar he'd put her hormones into. Still, it might be nice to have a man like him of her own. Tall and solid with muscle, handsome in a rough sort of way, and evidently quick witted. Kate shook the nonsense from her head and climbed into the passenger seat of his truck, realizing the error too late. The warm musky scent of healthy male blended seamlessly with horse, leather and hay, and stood up to introduce itself, much to the delight of her libido. Oh shit, she was in serious trouble here. Thoughts of a week or more on the trail alone with owner of that scent did something funny to her stomach. He climbed behind the wheel and started the truck, and blasted the interior of the truck with a combination of hard beat and screaming guitar. He hurried to turn the volume down. "Sorry, forgot it was so loud." At least his scent no longer consumed her awareness. "What the hell was that anyway?" Jakob glanced at her as he backed the trailer slowly toward the split in the driveway. "What do you mean? You've never heard Metallica?" When she shook her head, he stopped the truck a moment to fiddle with the CD player. "This is called 'Enter Sandman'. One of my favorites. Listen?" When she nodded again, he turned it up to just above normal listening volume for her. The catchy tune quickly gave way to the hard beat from earlier, and a growling voice blended perfectly. "Say your prayers little one, Don't forget my son…" Kate listened, captivated, as something in that voice reached into her and gripped a part of her she hadn't known existed. By the time the last notes trailed away, she knew without a doubt, she'd found something entirely new and unexpected. Jakob watched her, not hiding his knowing smile. "Gotcha." His exact duplication of the growl on the CD sent a shiver down her spine. "Not what you expected?" His voice had gone back to normal, but her newly trained ear picked up the sinister growl hiding within the gravelly tones. The shudder of appreciation wasn't easy to conceal, but Kate thought she managed it fairly well. "Not at all. I've never been interested in that kind of music. Always just turned the dial as quickly as possible." "Hang around me a while. I'll show you something far more interesting than what you're used to." The way his gaze swept over her features, paused at her breasts, and continued downward said he fully intended the double meaning. Okay, she really needed to change the subject. The lane to the barn appeared, offering the perfect opportunity. "Go forward and bear left here. You'll round the barn to the right and pull around back. I have a shed back there if you'd rather park under cover, or you can park just to the side of the shed." The truck stopped and Jakob nodded once before putting it in gear and following directions. "Do I get an answer now? Or do I have to wait until I catch you a lion?" "An answer to what?" "Will you hang around me enough for me to show you some interesting things?" Oh…boy. Every more severe epithet she'd ever known fled right out of her head. So much trouble. "That—" She had to pause and clear her throat to get the breathy, wanton tone out of her voice. She tried again, "That depends." Better. "On what?" The grin he flashed her way said he knew all about the pulse that suddenly pounded her core. "I haven't decided yet." It was a good thing he'd stopped the truck behind the barn, waiting to see where he should go next. She opened her door and bailed when self-preservation demanded she get the hell away from all that overwhelming maleness. The man absolutely oozed sex at the moment, and she wasn't equipped to deal with that sort of assault on her senses. Nothing in her life had prepared her for that.

blog tour img 2 

Exclusive Blog Tour Interview with Jakob

We're here with Jakob Barger, main character of Big Game: Hunted Love #1, by Aden Lowe, to get a little insight on the book and what might be in store for Kate and Jakob in their second book, at the end of the Hunted Love series.
**Jakob, I gathered you spent a lot of time with your Uncle Frank as you were growing up. Were you close to your parents at all?
Jakob: My dad was killed when I was ten. He was a firefighter. But yes, I was close to him. After he died, Uncle Frank sort of stepped in to help my mom. She was devastated without my dad. I grew up hearing stories of how much they loved each other.
**What were you thinking when you first realized you were falling for Kate?
Jakob: Part of me was terrified. I knew she was at least attracted to me, but I had no idea if it was more than that for her. I was also relieved in a way, to know that the kind of love I'd heard of all my life actually could happen more than just that one time. I'd always been afraid it was some kind of fluke or something, and certainly never expected to care that much about anyone. A lot of people go through life without even hoping that can happen to them. Hell, most of the guys I know don't even give a damn, and I probably wouldn't either if I hadn't heard those stories as a kid.
** What was it about Kate that initially got your attention?
Jakob: Hahaha, her fist. Seriously, I'm not really sure. I think it was partly her strength, but she was also this really odd mixture of innocence and experience… It's hard to explain. The closest I can think of is when people say someone is 'wise beyond their years'. Only with her, it didn't apply only to the big 'life lesson' things, but to every single facet of her. I have a thing with puzzles, can't resist them, and to me, she presents the ultimate puzzle. I'm willing to spend the rest of my life trying to figure her out.
And there you have it. Don't miss the next installment of the Hunted Love series, Bounty, due out in a couple of weeks.
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