Sunday, May 18, 2014


Let’s Party!

First of all, happy birthday to the blog Sarah Says Read Romance, and well done to everybody who’s put the effort in the get it to this milestone! Now let’s all celebrate ;)
May is definitely the party month for me, it’s mine and one of my sister’s birthdays within a week of each other. Needless to say that growing up, we’ve had some wonderful shared memories, from (paddling) pool parties to theme parks, from bouncy castles to camping in the garden with friends and toasting marshmallows while we stayed up past eleven!! We rocked. 

As we got older, our birthday celebrations got more adventurous, and inevitably wilder. We discovered clubs, and I discovered the thrill of having to sneak past the bouncers when she was old enough but I still wasn’t, we holidayed in Benidorm (without parents!), we dressed up, we got dolled up, we put our best foot forward and we learned how to party in style.
Life got in the way of our partying in the end of course. Partners and children came along and we matured…okay that’s a lie. We seemed to pick up more May celebrators every year, and I’m glad that this year is no different! Who said the party season is just before Christmas? It’s right here with Sarah and the gang! Enjoy the Blog party, and don’t forget to enter the giveaways for a chance to win one of the great prizes on offer!

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