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I am a single mom to an energetic 11 year old son.  I am currently in my final semester of Grad school and will have my Master's in Social Work on May 17th.   Reading is how I relax after a long day at my job, internship or school.

My reading preferences are romance, first and foremost.  It has to have romance.  I like the HEA or HFN (Happy For Now).  Romantic Suspense is a newer sub-genre of romance for me and I love it.  I am pretty open to what I read as long as the blurb catches my attention.  However, if you can't keep my attention within the first 5 chapters, I move on.  Too many books to waste time with something I lose interest in. 

I am a married SAHM with 5 kids ranging in age from 20-2, also have a grandson who is just under a year old. Also in the mix are a crazy dog and a pissy cat. I am stuck in the House of Testosterone surrounded by all males, with the exception of the dog. Her and I have to stick together, it's a girl thing. Reading is a passion and a luxury that I've enjoyed for forever. And by luxury I mean even if it means locking the bathroom door to get 5 minutes just to finish that last chapter, well, not really, but some days........

I'm the angst girl of the group. If it's dark, twisted and absolutely screws with your head, send it my way! Give me the emotional gut punch kind of stories that have you hating the anti hero one minute and falling in love with them the next. It's not about the angst ALL the time, I'll read AC, NA, Romantic suspense, and really good erotica. I've tried reading the HEA but always turn to the dark side-hey, they have better cookies, what can I say.

 “When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. ”  -Mae West

I am a wife and mom of three crazy, fun and wild kids. I have been an avid reader most of my life, at a young age I began to appreciate stories that were based off of real life events and murder mysteries. It wasn't until about five years ago did I come to find an appreciation and then a desire for Romance Novels. Now it is more like an obsession. I can spend hours upon hours immersed in a book, getting into the characters heads, seeing what they see as if I was in the story along with them, letting my imagination take over. In quoting one of my children "books are like a movie in my head," and it is. I personally do not watch TV, I prefer to have my head in a book.

I am thankful to Sarah for allowing me to help her with reviews. The other thing I love most about books, is being able to share how I feel about them with others. I get great joy in knowing that my thoughts and opinions on a book could help attract a new reader, bring new imagination to others.

I am primarily the BDSM and kink reader. I also like reading Military Romances and Second Chance Romances. I would also call me the back up reader... if one of the other girls cant get into a story I pretty much will read anything... (smiley face) Finally I am also the one that updates the GoodReads for the blog.

Info to come!

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