Friday, June 27, 2014

REVIEW: Where We Fell by Amber L. Johnson

Oliver Bishop is having a seriously bad day. With one diagnosis, his life suddenly has an expiration date. Confused by the numbness he feels upon hearing the news, he decides that he needs some time to come to terms with it. One decision to visit his favorite diner causes him to unwittingly put himself directly in the sights of a girl that just may give him a reason to fight - and to live.

Because there's a difference between living and just being alive.

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Ok I wont lie, I orginally got this book because it was free on Amazon, but I also have to add that I knew the author and her writing prior to this book coming out. I'd just been on a budget and hadn't been able to get it until it was on sale. Anyway... I am so grateful to having been able to get a copy of it in my Kindle.

What a sweet, and emotional quick read. It is a great showing of never giving up. Of that even though things look hard and you don't know if you will even be around the next year, there is something to fight for. After Oliver discovers how sick he is and how his plans for life need to be put on hold, he doesn't seem to have the emotional strength to keep going. Then Hannah walks into his life and shows him there is a lot around that is worth fighting for. She shows him that he isn't alone and knows what he is going through because she has been there herself.

Its a great story to remind yourself that there is always something worth fighting for. I wish I could go more into it, but I really don't want to spoil the story. Just know it is one that you will start and before you know it will be done with. Oh and have the tissues handy.

Happy Reading... Adri

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