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For Elsie and Henry, getting married and buying a house is only the beginning of their passionate new adventure. Elsie is flourishing in her job while Henry embarks on a new career as a police officer. Everything, it seems, has finally fallen into place.

Just when it’s all smooth sailing, they face life-altering changes that make Elsie question her ability to adapt. With Henry’s job putting him in constant danger, she watches helplessly while he slips back into his old habits. Elsie must find a way—through any means necessary—to prevent the past from repeating.

With the sand constantly shifting underfoot, Elsie and Henry have to figure out how to strengthen their bond—before they end up losing what matters most…


The sound of metal clinking sent a bolt of excitement rushing through me.

My suspicion was confirmed when he flashed the handcuffs at me, dragging the cold metal against my skin as he rose back to his full height.

He dangled the cuffs on one finger, and with a soft but commanding voice said, "Get on the bed."

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Erin's Review
 Arrest picks up right where Disarm left off, Elsie and Henry are just married and it appears that life is finally getting on track for our couple. Let me just say this right off the bat, there were times I hated Henry. I hated what he did to Elsie. With that being said, I understand WHY he did it. He had to, he didn't know how to cope.  There was not one minute in this book that I didn't feel what these characters were going through. It was heartbreaking, full of joy, anger, frustration, sadness, love, hot steamy sex....everything a real marriage goes through. I love these characters because they are so real. Not everything is tied up with a pretty ribbon. They fight, they love, they claw their way through hell to make things right. 
 Henry can be summed up with one word, noble. Even when he's being the biggest ass on the planet, he has his reasons, most of the time.  His love for Elsie consumes him. 
 Elsie didn't get away unscathed by me either. I adore her but dear God is she stubborn! Then again, I can't say I blame her for being the way she was with Henry. You feel every ounce of frustration she feels, you feel her heartbreak and then it all clicks. You know just what she thinks and it makes perfect sense. 
 Then we have Conor. I would love for him to get his own story. He is intriguing as hell and how can you not love an Irishman? Conor forever has a fan in me. 
 You will ugly cry while reading this, no doubt. If not, we'll met at Tapwerks and first round is on me.  I love that June gave a very real picture of what it's like to be a LEO wife and showed the ugly side of PTSD.  She takes the reader through every emotion the characters go through. I also love the alternating view points. It's nice to get a glimpse of what the other person is thinking and going through too. 
 This was a 5 star read for me. I loved every word, and I simply adore Elsie and Henry. You must get this book. 

See how Elsie and Henry's story all begins in Disarm


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