Monday, June 9, 2014


Apartment 2B by K Webster


Sidney has a rough life. Her mom is incredibly abusive both mentally and physically. One day, she’s awarded the escape she’s always wanted and thrust into a world she barely understands. Each day is a struggle to feel human and not terrified of everything around her.

Sidney has rules. Routines. Structure. It’s the only way she can cope.

When a handsome, yet mysterious stranger inserts himself into her life, Sidney begins to come apart at the seams. She’s having trouble sticking to her habits and it’s threatening to shred any hope of a normal life to pieces.
Will this stranger help her in ways no other person can, or will things get worse for her?

He comes with his own set of problems and secrets he’s unwilling to share. Will they work together through the mess of their pasts or will they get caught up enabling each other? Will their toxic relationship ultimately be destined for demise?

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Erin's Review
To say that Sidney has a rough upbringing would be an understatement. Somehow she managed to struggle through and when the opportunity came for her to be free, I actually cheered for her.  
 She begins to live a somewhat normal life with the help of her friend, Tara, the one friend she can actually count on.  She still suffers residual issues from her childhood that she keeps well hidden from most people, until one day a mysterious stranger starts popping up in her life.  You begin to feel Sidney relax a bit and for the first time in a long time, actually let someone else in. She soon learns though that not everything is what it appears and sometimes people are brought in to our lives for a larger purpose than we can ever dream of. 
 I often wished throughout the story Sidney would trust someone, but it's understandable why she can't. How she managed this long is a miracle, but structure and routine are key to her life. She is much stronger than she appears and ever so slowly we watch her come out of her shell and begin to truly heal.  
 This book was NOT what I expected at all.  It was so much better than I could have hoped for. It's hard not to give anything away but I will keep my streak of spoiler free reviews and just say, you will be surprised at how the story unfolds. Nothing is what you think it is. And you will love the story! I know I did. Sidney, with all her quirks, will stay in your heart. You want her to overcome her past and live a normal life, without fear, and one with trust. She is an amazing character and you need to read her story.  

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