Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thank you!

Sarah here: 
So, as some of you know, I was out of commission for the last couple weeks.  Some were good reasons but then there was a death in my family.   My niece died unexpectedly on May 23rd, so Adri and Erin were in charge of the blog and handling what they could.  Unfortunately, that put me behind with a few reviews, but I promise I will get those reviews up ASAP.   Those that I knew I had reviews for during the last week, I sent a message to privately and explained the situation.  Their understanding and compassion helped make this difficult time easier. 

Good news time! 
If you noticed, there is a new name to this blog, but the link is staying the same.  Did you miss it?  Well, I happen to love this banner, so I am going to share it again!

We are growing as a review team since Erin, Adri and I can't keep up with all the available options.  I asked a couple of my friends and Adri asked one of hers if they wanted to join and help with the reviews.  I really hated turning down tours because we just couldn't do more. 

More good news!
Well, it comes from bad news, but it turns out to be good news still!  While we had a lot of donations for the blog birthday party celebration for May, we were not able to give away all of the donations.  That being said, we will be having random giveaways on Facebook and/or Twitter until we have gifted all of the donations.   Erin, Adri and I will be sharing from our page and the blog Facebook page.  If you don't have my page, then just ask! 

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