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REVIEW: The Temp - Part 1 by Lacey Wolfe

The Temp – Part 1
By Lacey Wolfe

Part 1 of 3 of a serial series (needs to be read in order)
Be warned: This books ends with a cliffhanger.
Hardened by her damaged past, Alice Bennett has no desire for any type of relationship and easily dismisses the warnings about her handsome, but extremely difficult, temporary boss. She is determined to do her job, and do it well. She needs this job, and the references that come from working at a prestigious law firm.
But the moment she lays eyes on him, Alice’s determination waivers as unexpected desires stir inside her – even as he barks orders about her choice of lunch.
Dylan Marshall is the best lawyer in the city and knows exactly what he wants, and how he wants it done. As the senior partner at his prominent law firm, he expects the people working for him to do what they’re told. Discouraged by the string of incompetent temps, he has low expectations for anyone new the agency sends his way.
But the latest temporary assistant is anything but incompetent, and Dylan discovers he wants to know more about her, and intimately. Especially when she stands her ground and questions his orders. Suddenly, this domineering boss learns he prefers a woman to be his equal.
Content warning: Adult language and situations, plus some very hot explicit love scenes.
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Dylan stepped off the elevator expecting to see Alice at her desk, but instead it was empty. He enjoyed seeing her there. She lit up each time she saw him.  In his office, he found a stack of yellow notes for missed calls and a note scribbled about Jacob stopping by.
Had she quit? He glanced through the notes, looking for one from her specifying where she was, but nothing came up.
Fuck, this day just kept getting worse. He hoped she hadn’t quit. He’d been good to her. He hadn’t yelled at her once, and his expectations about getting work done seemed fine to her.
Maybe he should call it a day. Go home, sit on his couch, and watch a movie. Something boring that didn’t require much thinking. He’d had enough of that today for his lifetime.
The elevator dinged and he walked to the window in his office.
Alice. She was back.
He marched out of his office as she dropped her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk. “Where have you been?”
She raised an eyebrow. “Lunch.”
“You should’ve let me know.”
“I left you a note.”
“You did not.” He crossed his arms.
She sighed and brushed past him, entering his office. He followed, and as she bent to the floor, his hand ached to smack her ass that raised high in the air. She straightened and held out a white note.
Gone to lunch. Be back around 2. – Alice
He gripped it roughly. “How am I expected to know you left me a note on the floor?”
“If I’d done that, then I’d leave you another note to look on the floor.” She rolled her eyes. “I guess the air conditioning came on, blowing the note off your desk. There are several others under your desk.”
He didn’t like the irritation in her voice. It didn’t sit well at all with him. The thought of her being upset with him made him want to fix it. “It was a mistake. We all make them. Next time wait for me to return.”
She glared at him. “I had no idea when you’d be back. You can’t expect me to wait around for you all day like a little servant.”
“Servant?” Where was this coming from?
“Okay, maybe that wasn’t the right word. But if you don’t tell me when you’ll return, it’s hard for me to know when I can take a lunch. Since I didn’t pack a yogurt today, I went to the cafeteria.”
Oh, she was taunting him. “I told you I’d be back in a few hours, and I was.”
She was quiet and blinked a few times, her eyes slightly moist. “Next time I’ll wait. I apologize for my tone. I was out of line.”
She spun on her heels, but something over took Dylan. He’d upset her by being an idiot. Of course she should’ve taken a lunch. She needed to eat. He grabbed her arm, bringing her toward him. Without a second thought, he cupped her face and pressed his mouth to hers.
She froze, hard under his touch. Needing to know her taste, he thrust his tongue in. Mint…just as he’d suspected. Her tongue met his and as he deepened the kiss, she relaxed into him. With a free hand, he held her waist, tugging her against him. He liked kissing her…his body liked it, too.
She moaned softly as she clung to his tie. He’d love to take it off and tie her hands up with it as he pleasured her with his tongue.
The kiss ended too soon, and not by his action. Alice stepped away, bringing a finger to her swollen lips. She had a look of panic as she turned and darted out of the room. Her heels clicked as she dashed through the lobby toward the restroom.
Fuck. She was really going to quit now.


I would like to thank Lacey Wolfe for providing me with a copy of the book so we can bring you this review.

This is a short quick read since it is part of a serial series, and as Lacey points out it does end in a cliffhanger. Which of course I knew about before I read it, but still didn't listen and dove into it like it were the last piece of cake. NOW I have that inevitable belly ache from eating too fast... Ok can you tell its almost lunch time for me as I write this review, since Im using food metaphors. But the point I am trying to make is that I was left aching for the next book. 

I dont know how Lacey pulled it off, giving us a well detailed book, with so much going on and some really really sexy scenes, in such a short number of words. But she is my hero for doing it. 

Alice is well thought out, clear character that you can easily see as a friend (if not yourself). Dylan is a bit of an ass, but one that can realize when he is being that way and tries to change it. And the chemistry between these two just jumps out the book. Its sort of feels like its a part of the room that you are in and not really part of a book. 

I can't wait for the next one, and thankfully I don't have to wait long since Lacey has plans to bring it out soon.

Happy Reading... Adri

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