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Review: Offside by Shay Savage

Publication Date: August 5, 2014

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I have to be the best. I am the best. I’m quick. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m the star keeper of my high school soccer team, and I’ve got major leagues scouting me. As their captain, my teammates will do anything I say – on or off the field. Girls practically beg to be added to my list of conquests. As long as I manage to go pro for the best team in the world, I won’t have to worry about my father’s wrath. 

I’m Thomas Malone, and I’ve seen to it that the world revolves around me. 

There’s a new girl at school, and it’s just a matter of time before she gives in to my charm. This one’s just a little more stubborn than most – she won’t even tell me her name! She’s smart, too. Maybe too smart. I can’t let her in. I can’t let anybody in. I’m not too worried, but even I have to admit she’s interfering with my focus on the goal. 

Dad’s not going to be happy about that. 

Did I mention I love Shakespeare? Yeah, I know. I’m a walking contradiction. According to the Bard – “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Somehow, I got all three. 

Now how is anyone supposed to live up to that? 

Dani's Review:

*******5 Rumple Stars*******

I was given an ARC for a honest review.

*Read as a Fanfic, Read the published version as well.*

Wow! Hands down one of my favorite sports/romance books.

Shay has captured my heart with this book.

OMG the feels for this book. 

While Shay normally writes more agressive alpha stories, I found this story to be a little more mellowed but you still get everything you expect from her writing.

When starting this story even as a Fanfic I had my doubts because I like many others tend to shy away from YA books. But boy was I wrong. I read both the fan fic and the published version in one sitting.

The story starts a bit rough with Thomas and his grade A cocky attitude and blatant disrespect for girls. Here comes Nicole (Rumple) with her sweet but sassy personality. The feels for this girl. I have nothing but absolute admiration. She is the quiet one you were always told to watch out for. You get a look into Thomas's home life with his dad and well.

Lou- Mama always said if you don't have anything nice to not say, do not say anything at all. Welp I have nothing nice to day about him. Then there is Greg, Rumple's dad. I kinda wish I could have a dad like him. While he was always be known as the cop, he has this nice but refreshing side to him that you really don't expect to see from a man of the law.

You have Thomas, Soccer team captain, womanizer, who thinks who is on top of the world and will stop at nothing to go pro. His dad pushes him to be the best and that is what he strives for.

Nicole, shy and quiet girl who has moved to live with her dad for a fresh start. She catches Thomas' s attention in biology class and she instantly hate him. She's heard what they have all said about him.

Being the soccer captain and having groupies at his beck and call, Thomas feels like he is on top of the world. That is until he meets Rumple... errr Nicole. She is sweet/ sassy and with a little bit of snark, he met his match. Problem is she wants nothing to do with the school jock who has had half of the school. They both have past that haunt them everyday of their lives. Nicole's Dad the ever loving father/cop that he is looks out for her best interest while Thomas's dad only looks out for his interest and whats best for him. Their story takes a turn for the worst before it gets better but they get through it together.

All in all. Offside a great read. Perfect amount of Angst, suspense, and romance.

Where can you find Shay and the hottie on the cover you ask? Why Facebook of Course!

Shay Savage

The Savage Trainer

Thanks for reading!

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