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PROMO & REVIEW: Hard Roads by Lily White

Hard Roads 
by Lily White


This life isn’t one that I chose for myself.

Years spent as a daughter in the Dominion MC left me washed up and struggling to breathe. Life was never flowers and sunshine. It was gravel and dust, the trails of dirt left behind when the brothers tore out, floating up from the ground to hover in front of an angry, red sun.

I could never have imagined that a life sitting at rock bottom could get any worse, but it did.

Life is funny like that.

Just when you think things can’t get any more bleak, a shade is drawn leaving you staggering and blind – lost in a world of heartache and sorrow.

I met J.D. Brooks on the road and he swept me off my feet. Literally. But not in the way you might think.

He was both an angel and a demon.

He was the most vicious storm that ever darkened my life.

He was also my salvation.

Stripped from the hands that always held me back, I was released into a nightmare that would threaten everything I thought I knew about the crap hand I’d been dealt.

I thought I could never hate a man more than the one who stole me from the life I’d known.

And in our time together, he would teach me one important lesson:

That in the end, it doesn’t matter how our paths intersect, because when it comes down to the basic truth of our lives...

...we’re all stuck traveling down hard roads.

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Erin's Review

I haven't found a book of Lily White's that I haven't liked, so when she said she was trying her hand at a mc club book, well hell yeah I jumped on it! 
 First off, if you want a book that's all unicorns and butterflies, keep walking. This book isn't for you. If you want something raw, that walks on the dark side, with hot steamy sex thrown in, this is your book. 
I will say though, for those that need a warning, there are situations that may not be suitable for all people. Don't say you haven't been warned.
 Hard Roads is the story of Holly and JD. This is not a conventional love story, JD can be a prick and Holly is a hellcat with claws. Holly's dad got himself mixed up with some things he just couldn't get out from under. Holly is the collateral. JD is her knight on a shining Harley, well......
Holly and JD are not warm fuzzy people. They are rough around the edges, have lived hard lives and  have a wall up so high the best Navy Seals would have a hard time climbing it. It's necessary in their world. To show emotion is to show weakness, and weakness can mean death. It's just that simple. 
Lily definitely gives your emotions a work out in this book. You want to slap the shit out of JD, duct tape Holly's mouth shut, you cringe at Diablo and finally, after being drug through hell, you feel salvation. 
Let me focus on Diablo for a minute. That man is scary as hell but there's something about him. He oozes sex, power, fear and you know not to cross him. I would love to know what makes that man tick. He's as fascinating as he is terrifying. There were moments when at his compound that I cringed. I have a feeling though Lily only scratched the surface at what Diablo is capable of. 
 Now, back to Holly and JD. There is chemistry between them, that much is apparent. These two have a relationship built on fear and hatred and we slowly watch it evolve to something more. Neither one of them was expecting it, that's what I liked about it. Holly is much stronger than I would have been. That girl went through hell. I would have buckled under Diablo's cruel hands, not her. She's tough. For me, there was a major shift in Holly and JD's relationship. I refer to it as BD & AD-Before Diablo & After Diablo. AD we begin to see the human side to the 2 of them. Their walls start to slowly come down and instead of feeling anger and hatred, they feel raw. Naked. 
You want to see how it ends for these two? Well, read the book. I'm not going to tell you if they ride off in to the sunset on a Harley. I'm not going to tell you if Holly tells JD to hit the road, and I'm not going to tell you if JD leaves Holly just like he found her, on the side of the road. Just buy it and find out on your own. It's well worth it, trust me. 


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