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REVIEW: Rock Country by K. Webster

Bobby and June were the best of friends as kids. For two years they spent every waking moment together. And just as they started realizing they had potential to be more, Bobby was unexpectedly uprooted to Las Vegas. 

Fast forward fifteen years.

Bobby is now a guitar hero of a very successful rock band. June is wasting away, working at a local diner, and married to an abusive man. Devastating events send Bobby back to Texas to deal with some unsettled issues. When he runs into June, she’s all grown up. No longer that blonde haired, pig-tailed little girl—now she’s the Queen of the South with tanned legs, sexy curves, and more beauty than all the groupies combined. Problem is, June is a shell of her former self—that is, until—Bobby brings the spark back into her life.

What happens when a typical bad boy rocker comes across a sad country song? Why, you get the sweet sound of Rock Country.

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About the Author: 
I’m a thirty-two-year-old self-proclaimed book nerd. Married for nearly eleven years, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our two lovely children. Writing is a newly acquired fun hobby for me. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the role as a reader. However, recently, I learned that I absolutely love taking on the creative role as the writer. Something about determining how the story will play out intrigues me to no end. My husband claims that it’s because I like to control things—in a way, he’s right! 
By day, I run around from appointment to appointment, wearing many hats including, mom, wife, part-time graphic designer, blogger, networker, social media stalker, student, business owner, and book boyfriend hunter. (It’s actually a thing—complete with pink camo. I lurk around the internet, “researching” pictures of hot guys who fit the profile of whatever book boyfriend I’m reading or writing about) 
I guess you can blame my obsession with books on my lovely grandmother, who is quite possibly my favorite person on the planet. At an early age, she took me to the half-priced bookstore each weekend and allowed me to choose a book. Every single time, she caved when I begged for two. Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to cope during some hard times without my beloved books. 
Currently, I am finishing up my college degree that has taken me forever to complete. It’s just on the list of my many “bucket-list” goals that I subject myself to.
Most days, you can find me firmly planted in front of my computer. It’s my life. If the world ever loses power, I’d be one of the first to die—of boredom! But I guess as long as I have books and a light, I might just survive. 
Looking forward, you can expect to see two more novels in the Breaking the Rules Series. I’m nearly finished with the third. Also, I have a standalone novel that will be released soon as well. 
This writing experience has been a blast, and I’ve met some really fabulous people along the way. I hope my readers enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them. I look forward to connecting with you all!

Erin's Review
 If you are looking for a sweet, sexy story about second chances, Rock Country is the story for you. June is pure country. She is sweet, Southern to the hilt and innocent as they come. She's your girl next door. Bobby is a small town boy made famous but never forgot his roots kind of guy. 
 These two meet again under not so happy circumstances and quickly sparks fly. Theirs tory shows the reader that while so much has appeared to stay the same, everything has changed. June gains an inner strength that you knew she had, it just took the right person to bring it out, and Bobby  learns that it's ok to lean on someone else and not push people away.  
 Bobby and June's story isn't all hearts and flowers. The two have real struggles they must overcome before they reach happiness.  The question remains, can they beat them or will the past forever keep them apart. 
 I hope you all love Bobby and June's story as much as I did. I can't wait to see what's next for the boys, especially Donny. I love that guy. He has to be my favorite, sorry Bobby! 
 If you love second chance romance, you will love this book.  

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