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                                                             Ever Hopeful
                               By: Lori Ryan

Blurb: Combining heart-soaring contemporary romance with heart-pounding suspense is a trademark

of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Ryan—and in her novel Ever

Hopeful she delivers spectacularly on both counts.

Two-months pregnant and trapped in a violent marriage, Laura Kensington realizes that her

ruthless and powerful in-laws will never let her go, even after the strange sudden death of her

abusive husband. Fleeing far away to the Texas ranch of Cade Bishop, a strong yet tender

man who believes in second chances, Laura finds herself irresistibly drawn to Cade’s gentle

passion and giving heart. But there is no escaping the shadows of her past and soon danger re-
enters her world, pulling Laura into a deadly web of lies, betrayals, and murder. And only Cade

Bishop’s quiet strength and unwavering love can set her free.

“You wanna know the first time he beat her so badly she couldn’t leave the house for a week?”

Cade asked.

“No,” Shane managed to say but Cade wasn’t listening to him. He was staring at the wall like he

was seeing the story he was telling and he was too trapped by the power of it to see what was

around him or hear Shane’s voice.

“When her brother died. She wanted to go home to the funeral, but her husband had a business

dinner she needed to be at. She had the nerve to ask him to postpone it so she could fly home

for her brother’s funeral. The irony was, she couldn’t go to the dinner with him anyway. After the

beating he gave her, she couldn’t be seen in public for over a week so she missed the flipping

dinner anyway.”

The brothers sat together without speaking for a long time. There was nothing to say. Shane

couldn’t imagine the fear Laura must have been living in every single day. The threat of having

the person you thought you loved and could trust turn on you like that.

“I wish he wasn’t dead,” Cade said. Shane didn’t have to ask why. He was thinking the same

thing himself. If her husband wasn’t dead they could hunt him down and have the satisfaction

of teaching him what it was like to be hit by someone so much stronger than yourself, to live in

constant fear.

Author Bio and Links
Lori is an award winning author and stay-at-home mom. Her second book, Penalty Clause, won

first place in the romance category in Lcuky Cinda Publishing’s Annual Global Writer’s Contest

in 2013.

Lori has had a number of careers before embarking on her newest adventure of writing novels.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law, she practiced law for three

years, working primarily in the areas of utilities law and intellectual property litigation.

More recently, Lori owned and operated a dog training business in Austin, Texas, where she

specialized in aggression and became an expert in the field of dog bite analysis. Lori sold her

dog training business in 2013 and is now a full time writer and mother of two.

Lori still lives in Austin with her husband -- who is endlessly supportive of her changing career

paths -- and her two children, one cat, and three dogs.

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Release: January 26th

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Erin's Review

Ever Hopeful has to be one of the most touching stories I have ever read. My heart ached for Laura knowing what she went through, and soared when she finally got away. You feel the trepidation she felt on her journey to the unknown and her fear of discovery. Trusting strangers is something that has to be done and the longer Laura is at the ranch, the more it starts to feel like home, but she knows she can't stay....or can she?
 Cade is the kindest, most gentle man there ever was. His patience with Laura melts you and his willingness to protect her shows his character. He sees what a beautiful woman she is, how fragile she is, how untrusting. Can he get her to open up, to trust him?
 Laura is Cade's journey is slow and gentle. You get the feeling she is going to flee at any moment but Cade won't let her go. He devises an escape plan for her if things ever go awry and even begins to plan for her future on the ranch. Laura has dreams of her own she could never do when she was married, but now, they are not only attainable, but she has wonderful people to assist her every step of the way.
 But the past is never too far behind. She knows it was only a matter of time. And the truth is worse than she ever imagined and puts her new life in danger.
 The emotions you get from reading this story are very real. Anger, sadness, joy, and more importantly...Hope. A beautiful story with beautiful characters that weaves it's way in to your heart after the first sentence.

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  1. Thank you so much Sarah and Erin! Reading what people think of my work is sometimes hard. You made it easy!

    1. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and heartwarming story! -Erin