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REVIEW: Chelsea's Somebody by Yvette Hines

Chelsea's Somebody

Yvette Hines

Chelsea McDaniel’s somebody was Rick Forrester. One of Lucky Valley’s sexy ranchers; if not the sexiest man that walked down main street. Ever since she realized the difference between boys and girls she wanted Rick. However, word around town was that Rick had desires that were just as dark as they were passionate. But that didn’t scare Chelsea and she was back in town and ready for him to see her as more than just the little girl he used to swim with in the lake after school. Well, times have changed.
After her best friend aids her in connecting with the 1Night Stand service, the wheels are set in motion for Chelsea to have her man. Even if she had to saddle up with two of them. Everything rides on her belief that if she can get Rick between the sheets for just one night, he’d see her for the woman she has become: somebody that’s his. However, when she finds herself caught up in her own masquerade, she may lose him for good.

Genre: Contemporary, western romance, erotic, interracial/multicultural, ménage/multiple partners
Heat level: 5
Word count – 15k
Cover art by Tibbs Designs


“An invitation of sorts.” Rick scanned the thick vanilla parchment with raised gold script—fancy.

“For what?” Stem folded his thick arms over his barrel chest.

They were both tall, but Stem was wide as a bear which served him well on his bull ranch.

“A one-night stand at the Castillo Hotel in Austin.”

Stem let out a high-pitched whistle. “That’s over an hour and a half drive east into the city. Someone wants to keep a night with you a secret from the good people of Lucky Valley, it seems.”

He agreed. His land in Lucky Valley County wasn’t hidden knowledge. He’d taken over the place when his parents retired and moved closer to town. If someone wanted him, they could have come to him. However, there was only one person in town he could see going through such an expensive endeavor. Someone from Lucky Valley, but not quite of Lucky Valley.

“I have a pretty good idea who it’s from.”

Stem frowned.

Rick read, “Someone you know desires a one-night stand with you at the luxurious Castillo Hotel in Austin. For this one night the individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, has ordered everything set up to your taste.” Pausing, he stared at his friend.

“What in the hell? Who do you think it is?”


Chelsea McDaniels, Chelsea? The vet’s girl?”

Laughing, at his friend’s stunned expression, Rick said, “The one and only.”
Author Bio:

I'm simply Yvette Hines, some people call me SASSE or SASSE Yvette. I'm an erotica author who loves pleasurable hours between the sheets. Whether it is a blended tale of interracial lovers, the clandestine bite and wicked passion of a paranormal mates or the sting of a commanding whip against tender flesh. Even better, make my day and toss in two gorgeously, decadent men who only want to pleasure their woman. I write Short and Sexy, Sensual Erotica (SASSE). Occasionally, you may get a full length novel from me this my sci-fi erotica "Pleasuring the Queen". However, life is too busy and most of us have more than one job, family and other activities that don't allow us long hours to read any more.

I've been penning erotic tales since 2006, on the hedonistic side of the romance genre. However, I've been writing romance under a different pen for a while. I'm eclectic by nature.

I'm married to my best friend. A guy that makes me laugh 'til I can't breathe and one who steals my breath every time he walks into a room. I believe in happily ever after like the rising of the sun depended on it.

To learn more about our 1 Night Stand Series, click here.

Sarah's Review: 
 Thanks to Yvette Hines and Decadent Publishing for the chance to read this story.  I have been a fan of the 1NS series for a while now and they are great for filling in gaps when I am struggling to get interested in a book or when I need something to read that is quick. 

Chelsea is a woman that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it!  I like that about her.  She uses Madame Eve's 1NS service to get the man of her dreams.  

Rick, the man of Chelsea's dreams, gets an invitation to the 1NS encounter and he needs to bring his friend Stem with him.  Rick doesn't like that idea but agrees to it.  

When the three get together, Chelsea is in disguise but she gets the night she wants.  Once that is over, what she doesn't realize is that Rick knows it was her.  I truly enjoyed this story and was happy for Chelsea!

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