Thursday, January 30, 2014

Note From Adri

Hello, I promise to make this a quick note.

Sorry I don't have a review to include with this, but I promise one will post soon enough.

Now the point to this is to let you all know that due to some personal reasons, I won't be around the blog as much as I have been. There are somethings that I want to accomplish this year and wouldn't be able to if I spent all my time reading and reviewing. Now I'm not completely disappearing. I will have sporadic reviews and will do some background work, (like updating the Goodreads account for the blog) but it won't be the same as it's been lately.

I want to thank Sarah for her understanding and Erin for stepping in to help get the books out to you as much as possible. Both those ladies live very busy lives so I can only imagine how my reduced reviews will affect them.

To all the authors who allow us to review their books... Thank you for understanding that reviews might be slower but I know the ladies will get them done.

Thank you again... Happy Reading... Adri

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