Sunday, January 5, 2014

REVIEW: Amber's Fantasy by Pepper Anthony

If you had the chance to act out your secret fantasy, would you dare?
Ray Ferris is the first person to discover Amber Jackson's naughty secret desires. While helping her move some boxes, he stumbles on her stash of erotic romances featuring ménages. Despite a strict company policy prohibiting co-workers from dating, Amber finds herself inexorably drawn to Ray. She's never been attracted to a white man before, but his intriguing invitation to actually have sex with two men at one time captivates her imagination. When the barriers to their relationship are swept away, will Amber have the courage to finally act out her forbidden fantasy? And if she does, will the experience open doors to a whole new world, or cost her a chance at true love?

Ray didn't dare let go of Amber's hand. He knew the modest, uptight Amber still had a death grip on the sexy, more confident woman he'd made love to earlier that evening. At any moment she might get cold feet and run back to the safety of the bathroom. Once they got started though, he hoped she'd get caught up in the sensual game. By the end of the evening she'd know for sure if this is what she really wanted.
But could he count on Cal to follow through? His cousin had been initially shocked, but it hadn't taken much to talk him into playing his part, especially when Ray assured him that Amber would be directing things.
To tell the truth, he was relieved about that as well. The only kind of threesome he'd ever imagined himself being involved in featured two women, not two men. He didn't have a clear idea of how this all should go. Since it was Amber's favorite fantasy, he was counting on her knowing exactly how to choreograph the whole thing.
They came around the corner to find Cal standing like a deer in the headlights in the center of the living room. God, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. His cousin's expression was strained at the least, his fists clenched, eyes darting anywhere but at the two of them. Ray felt Amber's resistant tug on his hand and knew if they all stood around and thought about this any longer, it wasn't going to happen.
He quickly pulled Amber into his arms and kissed her, using his tongue to plunder her mouth in a way that was meant to reawaken the sensual woman who had just shared his bed. For a moment she was stiff and self-conscious in his arms, but gradually she softened and began to kiss him back. He dared to put his hand on her butt and drag her shirt up just a little, knowing Cal would be able to see the rounded globes of her lovely brown skin. He also knew that Amber would realize Cal could see.
She froze again.
"You're so beautiful. So sexy," he whispered in her ear. "I can't keep my hands off you."
She stared up at him, and he smiled at her and kissed her again. A small moan broke from her throat as she responded, quivering in his arms. They all heard the sound. Cal was watching them now, his expression avid. Ray moved his hands up her back, dragging the shirt higher.
"Tell us what you want, Amber."
She glanced over at Cal for the first time, and then closed her eyes. Her cheeks were highly colored.
"Um, no shirts." He could barely hear her.
Cal stripped out of his dress shirt in record time and flung it on the floor.
"What else, baby?" He rained small kisses along her hairline as he massaged her back and let the tips of his fingers brush across her naked rear. "Do you want Cal to touch you too? Or just watch us?"
"Oh God. I don't know about this." She started to pull away.
"I do. I know you want it. We want it for you, baby. Come on. Relax and enjoy yourself."
She nodded, but then she dropped her gaze and just stood there motionless. Ray held his breath and watched a storm of expressions cross her lovely face. Things were not looking very promising.
Suddenly she turned back to Cal. "Come stand behind me, okay?"
Cal circled around them and took his place.
"Up closer," she prompted. "Now take hold of my upper arms." She let out a gasp when his fingers touched her arms. She glanced over her shoulder toward him. "Tighter. So I can't—escape."
Cal's hands firmly banded her upper arms and pulled back so that her breasts made saucy points against the fabric of the shirt. Ray licked his lips as Amber gave another broken moan and closed her eyes.
"Oh God," she gasped. "Ray. Please. Touch me. Everywhere."

Erin's Review: This story taps in to the fantasy of many of us girls, having two men at once. From just the thought, to the flirting, to the actual act, this book takes you through every step and you feel every ounce of anticipation Amber and Ray both feel.The teasing leading up to her fulfilling her fantasy is enough to get you all hot and bothered. The book does an awesome job is not only describing Amber's fantasy in every erotic detail, but it also shows how in some ways, it can be awkward. Once things heat up, though, dang!
 The story takes an incredibly real twist after the deed. What now happens after the fantasy? Can a relationship with the one she is attracted to(Ray) work now that she was with him and his cousin? Can Ray ever look at her the same again? Is this what she really wants? Is he going to be enough in the bedroom to satisfy her? Is he willing to do this again, knowing his feelings for her?
 It asks and answers all the poignant questions. It also goes to show that sometimes, reality is so much sweeter than the fantasy ever could be.   

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  1. Sarah, I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough review. - Pepper