Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday w/ WNY author: Murder in the Neighborhood by Janis Lane

Murder in the Neighborhood
Janis Lane

Home town princess, Beverly Hampton, is a reporter for her father’s newspaper. Handsome Detective Kevin Fowler is a blue collar cop skeptical of love. When a serial killer vents his rage on a quiet neighborhood in a peaceful town, the two must find a way to work as partners before another middle-aged female dies on her front steps in the middle of the day. Shielding his heart from hurt, the detective makes a decision that he rapidly regrets. Will his love forgive him or will the two of them decide their differences are too great to bridge.

 Can a killer unleash his venom unchecked on typical small town America? Halloween Trick or Treat can take on a terrifying meaning in Hubbard, NY, a town perfect for raising a young family.

A young woman competently filling a pair of gray slacks and a blue sweater was backing out of a bedroom with her hand still on the door. She was slightly built but of medium height with a thick mop of curly brown hair cut just at jaw line. A tiny waist and the snug slacks accented a firm, rounded bottom that strained and rippled the material as she stepped backwards from the room. He thought he had seen those hips someplace before, but he waited patiently for the intruder to turn around. Would she recognize him outlined against the light at the entrance to the kitchen? She finally did and gave a visible start and a squeak of surprise.

 “Hey, Detective,” she said warily by way of greeting. “I came in the back door from behind. I parked my car over on the next street because I knew the short cut through the yards. Used to ride my bike through here to get to school,” she babbled. “I guessed you would have all the official vehicles out front. I said hello to the police earlier,” she added, winding down and giving him a slightly apprehensive look. He knew she knew she shouldn’t be here.

She clutched a notebook to her chest nervously but tilted her chin up slightly. So, she wasn’t sorry she’d intruded herself into a crime scene. Just as he knew she’d monitored the calls to the police.
“Just because your daddy, a mannerly gentleman, by the way . . .” He gave her a hard stare. “. . . owns the newspaper does not give you the right to contaminate a crime scene, Miss Hampton, and you are perfectly aware of this fact,” he said between clenched teeth. He strode past her and walked through the house.

MURDER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD will release October 30th @ Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon and other popular download sites. Preorder for a scary Trick or Treat night. Janis Lane lives in a small town in Western New York where apples hang heavy on the trees and fall leaves are riotous. Sweet Regencies are one of her favorite genres (MUSA PUBLISHING) plus Romantic Adventure stories (DESERT BREEZE). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached @ her website:  or  Check out the website on Tuesdays for Gardening discussions and Q@A

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