Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REVIEW: It Had to be You by Kathryn Shay

It had to be You
Kathryn Shay

Army veteran Beckett Sloan is just trying to make it through the day. After having spent twenty years in the service, he was given an opportunity to join the fire department in Hidden Cove, NY, on an elite crew called the Rescue Squad. There’s one catch. He has to attend a support group for firefighters, police officers and veterans with PTSD, a malady which caused the breakup of his marriage and the estrangement of his son. At the first session, he meets Lela Allen, a former army medic, who’s divorcing her army husband because of his inability to manage his own post traumatic syndrome. Though Lela and Beck are attracted to each other, they resist it. When both their children show symptoms of PTSD, common in kids of sufferers, a lasting relationship between Lela and Beck seems doomed. But fate has other things in mind for them, for their children and for two veterans of war whose experiences are also featured in the book. With the backdrop of a modern fire department and exciting fire scenes, this highly charged emotional drama will bring tears to the readers’ eyes as everybody struggles through this untenable situation.

Sarah's Review:
This story is just another in the great Hidden Cove series.  With each Hidden Cove book, I fall more in love with the crew of Hidden Cove.    This story was no different. 

WARNING: This story discusses PTSD, suicide, drug use and violence. 

With that warning being sad, this story is such a powerful and realistic portrayal of PTSD.  It shows PTSD from both sides and how serious it really is.   I really don't know how to review this story without giving away anything. 

Lela is the ex-wife a a service member that has PTSD that has been able to get his symptoms manageable.  She has decided that she wouldn't be involved with any one else that has PTSD. 

Beck is a probie on the Hidden Cove Fire department that has PTSD, but his symptoms are manageable.  However, he is force to attended a support group for PTSD sufferers and their family members.

Beck and Lela meet at this support group and their connection is almost instant.  Yet, they have their own demons to fight in order to be together.  This story gives us the ups and downs of their fight. 

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