Saturday, October 12, 2013

GUEST REVIEW: The Anniversary Gift (Re-Connections) by Elle Dawson

 I would like to thank Rach for guest reviewing.  It is amazing how friends are there for you when you need a little help!   

The Anniversary Gift (Reconnections Series)

Elle Dawson 

With her tenth wedding anniversary barely two weeks away, the only gift Kate wants is to spend a week alone. After all, life with Ethan has become so cold and distant, it’s a strain just being together.

But Ethan wants just the opposite and his indecent proposal at dinner is a shock that rocks Kate’s world off its axis and into a sensual world of possibility.

Will Kate fulfill Ethan’s fantasy? Is their relationship even worth saving? Just how far is she willing to go to save her marriage?

The Anniversary Gift is a story of two people struggling to rekindle the love and passion that brought them together to begin with.

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 18+*
Rach's Review:
Can a story be sweet and also be super sizzling HOT?? The answer to that is absolutely yes!!! The Anniversary Gift by Elle Dawson is just that. What a beautiful story about a couple trying to learn to put the passion back in their marriage before it is to late.

Kate just does not know how to feel anymore with her marriage to Ethan. It seems like they just do not connect anymore the way that a married couple should.
Ethan loves his wife Kate with all his heart but just does not know what has happened or how to get their marriage back on track. So, one night over supper & ten days before their 10th wedding anniversary, Ethan makes a suggestion to Kate for an anniversary "gift" to each other. Kate is shocked at this suggestion and is not sure how to react.

This very emotional story takes the readers on a mini journey as this couple tries to figure out how and if they are able to put the passion back into their marriage. They both will discover things about themselves but also about each other.

For being a brand new author, I totally feel that Elle Dawson hit the "nail on the mark" with this story. The reader can so very easily feel & understand what the characters are going through in the story. There are so many of us that can honestly understand what this couple is going through. Sometimes marriages may just need that "jump start" to get back on track

I have to admit that I laughed so hard several times during the story at the "arguing" back & forth with Kate's "mental friends". You will for sure know what I am talking about when you read this story. lol

This is an author that I am hoping will get lots of readers so they all know what an incredible talent she has.

p.s the anniversary gifts that are given at the end of the story are purely priceless and extremely touching. Please read this to find out what happens!! You will not be sorry

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