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GUEST REVIEW: The Birthday Gift (Reconnections #2) by Elle Dawson

The Birthday Gift (Reconnections Series 2) 
Elle Dawson

Married by the thinnest of definitions, Melanie has fallen into a deep well of despair, having given up on her marriage ... and herself ... struggling to keep it all together for the sake of her two children.

Then, she bumps into a new world of sensual possibilities and teeters on the tightrope of love and betrayal, of yearning and re-discovery.

Warning: The Birthday Gift is a story of a broken marriage, an affair and a women's tortured choice. The book explores the complexities of love, betrayal, guilt and forgiveness. If you are searching for a fairytale, don't read this book. If you are searching for a real life, raw but beautiful love story, I invite you to join Melanie on this journey.

This book includes adult situations and explicit content. 18+

Rach's Review:
First of all, this is the second book in the "Re Connection series" by Elle Dawson. The first book is The Anniversary Gift, which by the way is an amazing story to read.

To say that The Birthday Gift is powerful & emotional would be an understatement!!

I do not accept a person having an affair at any time or for any reason but I want to say that this author took an extremely sensitive subject and did an absolutely amazing job getting the reader to understand the feelings & emotions behind why a person would be in the situation. Also, that there are so many different "sides" to a situation.

Melanie is in a marriage, that like with any marriage it started out wonderful, but sadly several years into the marriage her husband Adam became extremely verbally & emotionally abusive towards his wife. Melanie was feeling depressed, alone and just not worthy of anything.

Melanie met Branson while she was out of town on a business trip. The attraction between them was instant and so powerful. Branson made Melanie feel things again that she had not felt in such a long time. The relationship continued even after the business trip. The two were even talking about a future together after Melanie got a divorce from Adam, which she had wanted for several years.
But what happens when Adam finds and confronts Melanie about the affair, also informing her that he does not want a divorce?? Oh and add in some intense drama scenes and the reader will for sure be anxious to find out what happens
The reader can not help but get involved with this story & all of the characters......... and of course to find out who Melanie will decide to be with.

It was fun to see the characters from the other story. I liked how the author brings all the characters together in certain group settings

Purchase The Birthday Gift, along with The Anniversary Gift and add them to your collection today!! 

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