Friday, July 5, 2013

REVIEW: Caught in the Moment by Brandy Walker

Caught in the Moment
Brandy Walker


Laurel Kane is over her embarrassing high school crush on Quinton Ferris and even used the heartbreaking experience to get out from behind the lens of her camera. Ten years after graduation she is enjoying her dream job as a freelance photographer when her path crosses Quin again, only this time he’s the one hoping to catch more than a glimpse of her. He’s hoping she’ll forgive what a jerk he was and fall for the guy he is.

CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT is a Novella – 26,600 words

Sarah's Review: 

Since yesterday was the 4th of July, I decided not to work on academics.  I saw the Brandy Walker had hit publish and shared it on FB!  I pounced.  I mean seriously, look at that cover!  

I LOVE second chance romances, especially when high school vs adulthood is involved.   Granted, these two were not involved in high school, but the actions that happened during high school is why I consider it a 2nd chance romance.  

I enjoyed watching these two characters get to know the adult versions of each other when they didn't speak in high school.  Watching Quin fall head over heels in love with Laurel was a fun thing to read.  I actually enjoyed the fact that it wasn't steamy, but had UST incorporated into the story line. 

Since this story is a novella, I can't go into much detail.  I think everyone should read this story!! 

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