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PROMO & REVIEW: Star-Kissed Chocolate by Azura Ice

Lyran born, but raised on Earth, Nova Staraway’s highly exotic appearance intimidates men. That is, until Roman Carvanoff, the owner of Four Dimensions Financial Services, arrives to investigate a suspected embezzlement scheme at Nova’s firm. He finds her attractive, but his strange mood swings and unpredictability have her thinking he’s simply a rich playboy.

After Nova’s pet dragon ruins her first night with Roman, she’s certain she’ll never see him again. He further confuses her with his continued on-again, off-again interest. But soon Nova discovers he may have a secret, one that has her second-guessing his intentions and could keep them apart forever.

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About The Author:

Azura Ice writes several subgenres of romance, which includes, but is not limited to het, ménage, m/m and can be set in contemporary times or even in a far away world or another dimension. Azura’s muse leads her by the hand, and her fingers do the light-speed typing.

Who is Azura Ice? She’s a full-time author represented by an awesome literary agent. She is also owned by two crazy felines of tabby descent (although they swear they’re of Egyptian lineage). Azura writes in an attic study that overlooks a beautiful valley, and enjoys her husband’s company when he’s permitted to enter her domain. However, if he brings offerings of coffee and an occasional chocolaty treat, she’s inclined to let him in her office more often.
Website: http://ablueice.wordpress.com
Email:  bicknellbrown@sbcglobal.net

Twitter: @FLBicknell


No need to call the police,” Roman finally replied to the chauffeur. “No harm is done.”

He returned his attention to Nova, who still sat trying to get her bearings. She pushed her hair out of her face and watched as his gaze swept her body for injuries. The simple action almost forced a desirous gasp from her lips.

“An aircar in front of the limo stopped unexpectedly when a taxi darted straight up in front of it.” Slowly, he moved his right hand from her arm up to brush the rest of her hair out of her eyes. “Are you okay?” Concern resided in his voice. “I don’t see anything on you that’s bruised or scraped. Is anything sprained?”

Oh, she could think of a couple things she’d like to sprain. “I don’t think so.”

He gripped her chin lightly and turned her head to the left then the right. “Did you hit the seat with your face?”

She shook her head. “You caught me in time. I’m just a little rattled, that’s all.”

Something flickered in his eyes. They deepened from vibrant jade to deep, forest green. Before she could react, he bent his head toward hers, fingers still gently grasping her chin. Her breath hitched, and the startled rhythm of her heart leapt into a frantic one. Mesmerized, she watched as he closed the distance between them. His lips touched hers, tentatively at first. When she didn’t protest, his mouth slanted across hers, his breath sweet and warm.

Shocked, Nova uttered a tiny sound that he devoured. She could only sit still as he kissed her. Surprise transformed into delight, and she melted against him, reveling in the sensation of his lips upon hers, the way he tasted so overwhelmingly male. The inebriating aromas of his cologne and natural scent wreaked havoc with her rationale, and the hard planes of his chest beneath her palms hinted at the muscles beneath. With one hand, Roman cupped her cheek for a second before threading the fingers of his other one in her hair. He deepened the kiss, trailing his hand from her face to her shoulder. Slowly, he passed it down her arm, each hair stiffening against the caress.

Desire roared through Nova. She wanted him so much, needed to feel his naked body on top of hers. Heat settled in her core, the intensity of it forcing a whimper to her lips. At her soft noise, Roman kissed her harder and sighed as if he’d tasted the most delectable candy.

“You have reached your destination,” the limo’s computer announced.

“Sir?” the droid said.

Reluctantly, Roman drew back. Nova sucked in a shaky breath, her senses spinning as if she’d just stepped off an amusement ride. She blinked rapidly, trying to process everything, and looked up at Roman, who regarded her with desire smoldering in his gaze.

Reason returned to her. She scrambled up onto the seat and collected her handbag. “This is my stop. Th-thank you again for dropping m-me off.”


“I, uh, better get inside. Kazzi is probably wondering what’s been keeping me.” At those words, heat rushed to her face. Nova fumbled with the sensors on the door, nearly falling out on the curb. She caught her balance and straightened. “Uhm, have a nice lunch. Goodbye.”

Sarah's Review:

Thank you to Decadent Publishing for asking me to review this story.  Thank you to Azura Ice for creating a story that made me want to go out of my comfort zone in terms of romance.   Sci-Fi romance is a genre that I normally don't read.  Ms. Ice made the perfect statement on my FB page when I was talking about reading out of my comfort zone:  "It's like trying a new dish. It tastes great, but it's so different, you have to take your time so you can get used to the new flavor." 

I truly enjoyed reading this story but the sci-fi aspect was definitely out of my comfort zone.  I loved the dynamic between Roman and Nova.  I loved the romance that built between the two of them.  

If you are a sci-fi romance person, you will like this story.                

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