Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stepbrother, Mine by Mindy Lou Dowson

Stepbrother, Mine
By Mindy Lou Dowson
Review by Heidi Lynn

First, I want to thank Mindy Lou Dowson, Give Me Books, and Kylie McDermott for an advanced copy of Stepbrother, Mine. In return I promise to give an honest review.

I found the writing to be a breath of fresh air and Mary Lou handled a taboo subject with class. Though I enjoy reading books with sexual tones, I was pleased to see that she worked the story as a whole.

Step siblings Sophie and Logan were thrown together by their parent’s marriage. Never did they imagine there would be forbidden sexual attraction between them. I enjoyed seeing them deal with their situation as the story progressed.

The letter that Sophie found that her Mother wrote to her on her 18th Birthday touched me. Sophie needed to hear what was in that letter.

I rate Stepbrother, Mine 4 out 5 kisses.

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