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REVIEW: The Truth About Mack by Jettie Woodruff

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My name is McKenzie Perry. I’ve lived a life filled with secrets. Secrets that took me years to understand. 
Secrets that my bestie, Gia, and I kept from the world. Secrets that only I knew. I wasn’t afraid of the lies,
the secrets, or the hidden skeletons. That’s not what frightened me. I was afraid that one day they would come out, somebody would find out the truth. If I am the only one that knew the secrets, the lies, then they were safe, right? 

It took several years for me to understand the impact of lies. Lies I told, secrets I kept, and the lives they controlled. One of the things I know to be true is I did the things I did for a reason, even if I didn’t know it at the time. 

They all had a reason. 

My name is Mack and this is my side of the story. 

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Erin's Review
I mulled over this review for a week or more because I honestly don't know how to do this story justice. My love of all things Jettie began with Underestimated and this book just solidified her top spot in my book.
The story is based on a secret. A big secret. A secret that destroyed lives. On top of that secret, Mack is keeping her own secret. One that she hides from the world. Trust me when I tell you, Jettie did her research on this topic. Mack is a beautiful tragedy waiting to happen. You feel everything she feels, her ups, her downs, her paranoia, her manic episodes...Mack was written to jump out of the pages at you, and my God does she ever. She hides her true self from everyone, everyone but HIM.
Her relationship with her parents is one every child would want. Not wanting for a thing, popular in school and how could things go wrong with her best friend Gianna at her side? We get to know the dynamic of the best friends relationship through Mack's perspective. Gianna the ringleader, Mack the one eager to be  accepted. She doesn't want anyone to know so she tries everything she can to be normal. Not even her parents know the true Mack. 
She still struggles throughout her adulthood until the demons come back to haunt her sending her over a cliff of despair. This is where we get the full picture of the person Mack truly is. 
The emotions Jettie rips out of you while reading this book will send you on a tailspin. Nothing is what it seems and the entire book had me mesmerized. I couldn't put it down. Get ready for the emotional ride of your life with this book.  If your tbr doesn't include this one, I have to question our friendship.
It is, by far, my top book of the year.   

Jettie Woodruff is a lifelong writer, living in a pretend world since she was a little girl. Jettie spent hours filling pages of spiral notebooks with a number two pencil and a wild imagination. Her very first story was a scifi of all things.
 Jettie writes more along the lines of erotica now. She likes to keep her readers on edge, and deliver a story that will pull out every emotion possible. Writing on the edge of taboo and dark, Jettie hopes to distribute an adventure you'll not soon forget.

 Married for twenty five years, raising two boys and one girl has left lots of writing material. She has recently become a grandma to not one, but two of the most beautiful little girls on planet earth.

 Jettie also hates doing this bio. That's all you get. She loves to read and write. What else is there? <3


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