Thursday, September 11, 2014


We ladies here at Sassy Moms Say Read Romance want to honor the memory of those lost 13 years ago.

It will always be the day that we as a NATION and much of the world stopped and held our breaths. We came together in support of one another forgetting our prejudices, our hate for one another, the color of our neighbors skin, their place of origin or their sexual preference and only saw a human that lost a piece of security. We learned that day that even great nations as ours is, is vulnerable but strong at the same time. That even though many innocent lives were lost, so many were saved and some showed the most incredible courage and self sacrifice. 

I for one will never forget a second of that day. I grew up seeing those towers each and every day walking to and from school. Flew in and out of the same airport 2 of those flights originated from many times. A place that I was so proud and honored to go to on school field trips as a young girl. The place I took my husband the first time we visited New York early in our relationship. A place that hold so many dear memories. I will take this day and cry, smile and remember. I will cry for those lives that even all these years later are still hurting and suffering. Smile, because of how proud I am of so many young people who were just young children when this happened put their lives on the line to defend our way of life. Remember each and every person who was lost on this day. 

My big brother is a police officer, one who took many of his off days to drive an hour and a half to NY to sort through ruble in hopes of finding something that will help identify a body so that their family can have some type of closure. I have a cousin that spent months in the hospital because a piece of fuselage fell on him on his way to work at the school across the street. A wonderful group of Marines that I love and adore who are deployed right now fighting to defend those who cant defend themselves. Because of them and many others I don't personally know I am proud to be an American and to honor this day.

I want to also take a moment and honor, thank and remember those who are fighting far from home and their families who support them and as well as those lost during these 13 years of fighting for freedom. To the US Armed Forces and each of the individual branches... THANK YOU!!!

Love you all... Adri

I think it goes without saying we all remember where we were that fateful day. I remember coming home from orientation and my parents called me and told me to keep looking up. We had heard a plane went down in Shanksville, PA, just an hour west of me. I will never forget those horrific images on the tv as we watched the day unfold. I will also never forget, then President George W. Bush standing on the rubble with a bullhorn. 
There will be no reviews scheduled for today, out of remembrance. To those that took up the fight after we were attacked, thank you. To those who lost loved ones that fateful day and in the years after, we pray for you. May we never forget. God Bless You


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