Friday, December 6, 2013

REVIEW: His for Christmas by Jennifer Haymore

Sweet, shy Lady Esme has a little-known pastime-penning scandalous stories! But society must never find out or she'll be ruined! Fortunately, her dear friend, bestselling author Jennifer Haymore, is happy to share Esme's sensual tale of lost love and second chances . . .



Lady Amelia Witherspoon simply must get home to her beloved family on Christmas Eve. So when a terrible storm threatens to leave her snowbound, she refuses to admit defeat-even if that means sharing a carriage with Evan Cameron, the last man she ever hoped to see . . .

Evan can't fathom why his oldest friend is as icy to him as the winter wind. All he does know is that Amelia is still the loveliest, most tempting woman he's ever laid eyes on. Their only option is to take refuge together at a nearby inn, sharing the one remaining room. Evan promises to be a gentleman . . . but it's a promise neither of them wants him to keep.

Adri’s Review:
On her way home for Christmas Lady Amelia ends up having trouble with her carriage and decides with the help of her driver John to make their way to the nearest town in the middle of a snow storm. The one thing she doesn’t expect is that the man who not only hurt her deeply as a young girl, but that she still has strong feelings for is the one that runs into them in his own carriage.

Evan has spent the last seven years away from home and is finally heading back to see his mom and aunt when he comes across Amelia, the one woman he’s loved since he was a young boy. The only thing is he can’t understand why she is so cold and distant with him. But once he finds out he sure does wish he never knew.

Eventually he does get her back home, and makes it his mission to use the chance she’s given him to make it up to her for life.

This was a sweet story  about how one can redeem themselves as well as how we need the full story before we can decide what the truth is.

Happy reading… Adri

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