Friday, December 27, 2013

REVIEW: All Said and Undone by Angelita Gill

All Said and Undone
 By: Angelita Gill


Craving deeper intimacy....
Makeup artist Grace Crandall assumes her marriage is a breath away from a quiet death. An unwelcome circumstance forces her estranged husband Jack to move back in the house. Even though his hypnotic eyes and seductive hands beg her to come to him, it's not enough. She needs more.

Jack Crandall's pride is paramount and no one knows that more than he does. He craves to return to his wife's heart, and bed, again, but the divide seems impossible to bridge. And with Grace's strict no-seduction rule, he'll have to show her in another way that his love runs deeper than sex, deeper than pride, deeper than either of them know.


She only needed a couple of minutes before she faced him. Because at some point, she would have to. That was the only reason he was here: to confront her. The familiar, crippling pain seeped into her blood, but she kept her head high, her back erect. No one need know, especially Jack, how seeing him always undid her.

A moment later, a shadow was on her table, at her back. Before she could turn around, her husband was leaning over her shoulder, his mouth close to her ear. “Hello, Grace.”

She closed her eyes briefly, suppressing the need to quiver. “Jack.”

His virile, acutely familiar scent seeped into her personal space, that cleanly masculine organic soap he used interlaced with hot, healthy, confident male. She inhaled as if annoyed, breathing him in, memories flashing in the back of her mind like a rapid slide show. Her head buzzed, her limbs trembled. An instant hot mess.

Reaching for a fork, he proceeded to slice off a bite of cake, eat it, and then toss the utensil on the table. “We need to talk. Now.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the chair, taking her to the dance floor.

Erin's Review
  Grace and Jack have a problem....neither one of them really want the upcoming divorce that seems imminent. Yet neither one wants to give in.  Grace loves her husband but doesn't feel that they are connected anymore. They both live seemingly separate lives during the week and on the weekends, cocoon themselves in a bubble that no one else is invited in to. At first it works, but after a while, Grace needs more. She needs her husband.
 Jack works hard at his job. He has worked his way up to make something of himself, but by doing so, he takes his marriage for granted and thinks that what he's doing is the right thing.
 A chance encounter a party has Grace doing something she knows will shock Jack, telling him she's selling her boat. The boat that was a gift from Jack, a boat that they spent time on exploring the seas and each other. Jack knows what that boat means to Grace. Jack also knows that if she's selling it, it must mean it's over, he's just not ready to let go.
 Both want to get away for a night after the incident at the party so Grace and Jack both arrive at their cabin. After an awkward night, Grace leaves. She is afraid she will violate her own rule of not making love to her husband. Coming home to a burglary wasn't what she had planned and it leads Jack back to her. Her knight in shining armor. Ground rules are set and she is as determined to keep them as Jack is to break them.
 Over the course of a few weeks, they discover each other again. They expand their bubble and begin to enter in to each others worlds. Jack tries to prove to Grace that without her, his life is meaningless. Work is just that, work. She is his world, not the office. 
 This is a story filled with struggle, hard choices, stubborn pride and most importantly hope. Hope that love can triumph and be resilient through anything.

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