Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Sarah Says......Read Romance!!

Merry Christmas to all our followers. 

As a Christian, this is one of my most holy of days.  If you are not a Christian, may you have a great holiday, no matter what you celebrate.

For me, I will be with my best friend, her hubby, and my son.  We will engorge ourselves with ham, yams, and deviled eggs.   We will sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have a cake to go with it.  On Christmas eve, we had our first annual Scrabble tournament.  Today, we will open gifts.  My bestie's hubby will take over the TV with his Christmas gifts.  Bestie will find something to occupy her while he is watching his gifts.  As for me, I will put my iPod on, grab my Kindle and read.

Thank you for following and giving this blog a shot.


Merry Christmas!! 
Merry Christmas to all of our followers!
No matter what your faith, no matter how you celebrate I hope you are surrounded by those that you hold dear and that today finds you blessed in every way possible! 

 For me and my family, we will be having pj and movie day, after the kids get us up at 6 am. Ham will go in the oven and I'll spend the morning trying to keep the kids from eating too much candy and cookies before dinner. My hubby and I will be functioning on 2.5 hours of sleep because we waited until Christmas Eve to wrap presents for 5 kids, so, yes, I asked for an iv infusion of coffee for Christmas. It's a must this year. And throughout the madness and the endless piles of wrapping paper and whining because we forgot batteries..AGAIN, we will remind our kids what the Christmas season is truly about, the birth of our Lord. And remind them that this time of year we focus on family, peace, understanding and compassion. 

 I hope Santa gave you everything you wanted under the tree and you were on the naughty list again this year. Thanks for reading our blog and we look forward to another fabulous year with you in 2014!

To all of you who follow us and celebrate this day… MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I hope that Santa left you everything you could wish under the tree… As for me and my family we are probably at this point going crazy with the kids gifts. But with everything that is going on in each of our homes, my one greatest joys on this day is that we get to spend it with our loved ones.

Christmas Eve was spent drinking and partying with our friends and then coming home to put the kids presents under the tree. I overfilled on pork, black beans and rice. My kids being the only kids in our group of friends at the moment, took over their living room and ran around driving us all crazy. But in all everyone had an amazing time.

But with this day it marks us down to only a few days left in this year. One that has been filled so much great things. Getting a chance to be a part of this blog, being introduced to a full array of authors that I wouldn’t have found otherwise and getting to work with two fantastic women. Has been a great joy.

I look forward to reading and meeting many new stories and characters in the new year, and getting to bring them to all of you.
May 2014 be filled with love, lust, and friendship….


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