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REVIEW: Her Wish Before Christmas by Kimberly Quinton

Her Wish Before Christmas
by Kimberly Quinton
Her heart never forgot him…

Genny Ridgeway left Laurel Cove with a broken heart. Returning awakens old feelings, old longings, and the desire for long kisses beneath the mistletoe with the man who broke her heart.

The only thing missing is her…

Connor O’Rourke and his son finally have the home they’ve always wanted. Now, he’ll do anything for a second chance at love with the woman he let get away.

It’s Christmas time in Laurel Cove….

Surrounded by the spirit of the season and with a little posthumous help from her gypsy grandmother, can Connor prove he is the man Genny has always wanted to grant her wish before Christmas?

Her Wish Before Christmas
Holiday Hearts
Release Date: November 12, 2013

About the Author:

Whether she’s writing contemporary or paranormal romance, Kimberly Quinton is a romantic at heart who strives to tell stories about the power of true love.

Since a teen, she’s loved romances and believes we can all live our happily-ever-after. Always a people watcher, it wasn’t until Kimberly shucked her Accounting major for Anthropology that her interest in people and cultures was nurtured. Kimberly has combined her natural curiosity (nosiness) with her love of romance for the sake of bringing the movies in her head to life on the page.

A wife and mother of two, Kimberly spends her days chasing chores, wrangling active kids, and writing. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, great wine and sharing a laugh with friends and family.

You can usually find her on Facebook or Twitter. Stop by for a chat.

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Enjoy the following excerpt for Her Wish Before Christmas:

“Are you the one leaving bloody footprints in the store? Your grandmother’s going to have a heart attack.” The man stared down at her, holding the door open with one arm, the lamp base in the other. He rested the plastic appendage against the doorframe and took a step closer, his face clear in the light of the workroom.
“Let me have a look.” He knelt and grabbed her foot and held on tight when she tried to tug it back.
“Ouch.” She pulled her foot away from his prodding.
“Sorry. Cut’s not too deep. A Band-Aid and some Neosporin is all you need.”
Connor O’Rourke? The Connor O’Rourke? Twelve years hadn’t changed him much. Except he turned into a man. And one fine man at that.
Jesus, did he grow after college? His arms and chest sure had.
Heat blazed a fire across her cheeks when her roaming gaze met his. Same cocky grin. Embarrassment couldn’t stop her from comparing this Connor with the then Connor. His hair was cut shorter, but the rich chestnut color hadn’t dulled. No hint of gray at the temples, no balding either. So that night of drunken cursing for him to grow fat and ugly didn’t take. Figures. What’s the use of gypsy blood if my curses don’t work?
“I didn’t know you were in town,” she asked, proud she had kept the hysterical out of her voice.
“I wasn’t until this week. I’m setting up a practice at the new clinic down the street.” He stood and helped her up from the floor.
Connor F’ing O’Rourke back in town and looking too delicious by half. She licked her lips and swallowed at the sudden dryness in her mouth. The hurt and anger returned with a swift jab to her heart rivaling the sting of glass in her foot. The feelings so fresh, like she was eighteen again and waiting for the proposal that never came. Don’t go there. You’re over him.

Adri’s Review:

Trying to help her family after the loss of her grandmother Genny goes back home, but after an incident when her ex-boyfriend and the love of her life Connor she can’t wait to get away again.

Connor broke her heart on Christmas Eve many years before… She thought he was going to ask her to marry him instead he ends their relationship, but there is more to the story then she knows. She thought she was over him, that what he’d done all those years before no longer mattered, but now she can’t be sure that is the case. To complicates matter, she can’t seem to forget a wish she’d made the day she asked her gypsy grandmother for her love prediction.

Connor never stopped loving Genny, but now that they are once again in the same town he wants to do everything he can to win her back. The only problem is will she take him back? Also there is something he can’t regret about the past… Jake.
I completely enjoyed this story, the characters and their back story is incredible. I also enjoyed the mystery of it, in what her Christmas wish was, and if their grandmother is still somehow influencing their lives.

We are hinted that they Genny’s sister and cousin have made wishes as well, and I personally hope this is the first of a series of a series… time will tell.

Happy Reading… Adri 

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