Saturday, December 28, 2013

PROMO: Collar Me Pink by Rachel Firasek

Blurb: Allison McAnders never imagined her boss would open her mail, and Graham Taiden never thought he’d have a submissive’s collar on his desk, but when the delivery man leaves, they’re both left with a fight between pleasure, pain, and their careers. Choices blend, passions ignite, and only love will guide them down the right path.

 Excerpt: The delivery driver unloaded the packages next to Allison McAnders' desk.She scanned the stack of cardboard boxes and bit back a squeal of excitement. It had finally arrived. 
 She scooted closer to the small pile and ran a finger across her parcel. "Thanks John. I hope you have a good morning." And tonight, she'd have the perfect ending to this perfect day. "Do I need to sign?" 
 The driver finished checking off his list, held the clipboard steady for her to initial, and then tucked it beneath his arm. He leaned against one of the dolly's metal handles and popped a knee forward, thudding the side of her desk and sending her pens rolling across the top. 
 "Hey, Allison, when are you going to finally give in and give me a chance to sweep you off your feet?" 
 She faked an itch on her nose and smothered a nervous giggle. It wasn't that John wasn't a nice looking guy, and he did have great legs from hours of hauling boxes, but she'd been holding out for something more. Allison wanted the kind of man that could make her toes curl with just a look. She wanted someone that had his shit together, someone that wouldn't ask for a date, but would command one from her. And unfortunately, John wouldn't, and didn't measure up. 
 "Uh...Well, you see-"
"Ms. McAnders ?"
 Her boss's whiskey-smooth voice filtered through her phone's intercom speaker. Her nipples hardened just from hearing him say her name. The twin peaks pressed against her lace bra, chafing when she shifted closer to the phone. And Delivery-John's eyes drifted across her fitted white blouse. 
 "I have to go." She crossed her arms over her chest and turned half away from him, hiding her lady bits from his view. "I'm sorry. We'll talk some other time. "
 John nodded and smirked before walking away. The jerk could have at least made his perusal a little less obvious. Now, if Graham needed her, she'd be sporting a dark flush. Her fair skin kept the pink tint ready and waiting for any unsuspecting event. 
 "Ms. McAnders? Are you there?"
 She smashed her intercom button and leaned forward. "Yes, Mr. Taiden, How may I help you?"
"Have the deliveries arrived?" 
 With a sigh, she plopped into her rolling chair before her legs folded beneath her. She'd never been able to shake this reaction to that voice. The steel beneath his words held her completely enthralled, blanking her mind, and fading out the world. 
"Ms. McAnders?Are you there?" 
 "Yes, sir. The delivery driver just left."
 "Bring them with you when you come for our meeting at ten." 
Oh how she'd love to come in his office. On his desk. In his chair. She'd wrap her hands in his wavy hair and squeeze her thighs against his lean hips. She'd been dreaming about her boss since her first week on the job, and at some point in the last seven months, she'd fallen for him. 

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