Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well we have now said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015... BUT before we get into 2015 let me take a moment to reflect on all the changes that 2014 brought Sassy Moms Say Read Romance.

Wow do you all realize how much we grew in this past year? When we began 2014 SMSRR had 3 of us reviewing and trying to keep up with as many review requests as we could. Sarah, Erin and myself had our select go to authors. We were part of a few street teams and were averaging about 20 reviews a month. By the end of the year SMSRR is proud to say we have grown to a review team of 6 regular reviewers Dawn, Dani and Heidi and at least 2 occasional guest reviewers, with an average of 60 posts a month and a part of more than 25 tour companies. We are all now steady reviewers for NetGalley and Edelwiess as well.

Though those are all wonderful and exciting things that have happened the one that to me personally is most important is we are not only a review team, but have become a family. One that supports each other and have a common goal of wanting to help see excellent books be bought and enjoyed by others not just us.

If you have been following us this year you know how hard a big portion of the summer 2014 was for Erin and Sarah. They both lost a very dear friend (Rachel you continue to be missed, you're in our hearts and know you watch over us). Sarah, was hired to do an amazing job after graduating with her Master's degree. We are all very, very proud of not only that accomplishment but what she has chosen as her path. We learned that Erin has a problem with overbooking herself constantly (Dont think there is a plot she hasn't liked so far).  Both Dawn and Dani had busy years, in moving and with family growth. Me personally... well I learned that I can't give up... I will someday reach my goal.

Now that was 2014, but its time to look towards 2015

We hope that we can continue to grow in this new year. My dream for this blog is to see it grow, to the point that all the authors we have the pleasure of being a part of reading become big successful authors. Though don't get me wrong I see it happening easily for a number of them (so many USA Today and NY Times authors that we are lucky enough to read). But that the indi authors that we get to read have those same kinds of successes. We also hope that in 2015 we can start working on plans to get more things set into place that I HOPE to set up... If they come through they will wonderful surprises for all our followers.

Let hope that in the future we will have a much bigger team and have expanded to the point that you will be able to see a post almost every few hours.

Finally I want to thank you all for being a part of this blog, part of this family we have put together, through a common love of books.

From our families to yours... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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