Friday, November 8, 2013

REVIEW: Never too Late by Mia Catherine

Mia Catherine
 A 1Night Stand Story

Sam's life hasn't turned out the way he planned. Two years after an unwelcome divorce from high school sweetheart, Katie, he's struggling to put the pieces of his life together and pay off a mountain of debt. At the insistence of his oldest friend, he reluctantly agrees to be set up on a 1Night Stand. Perhaps it's the push he needs to finally move on?

Divorced and preparing for an empty nest when her only son leaves for Marine Boot Camp, Katie is ready for a change. Working as a legal secretary has given her professional fulfillment, but her romantic life leaves something to be desired. Weary of facing the future alone, she decides to dip her toe back into the dating pool and perhaps find some companionship.
Forced to confront their issues and a divorce neither wanted, can Sam and Katie forget the past and reconnect?

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, Late Escape

Heat level: 3
Word count – 11k
Cover art by Tibbs Designs

Oh, well. Here goes nothing....
He turned the corner and the vision took his breath away. Silhouetted against the clear December sky stood the figure of a goddess. The three-inch heels she wore were neither the flat shoes of a frumpy, intimidated woman, nor the high heels of a lady trying to be someone she’s not. Her sculpted legs led to a conservative, yet sexy black dress that hugged her curvy figure and dipped low enough to show most of her well-toned back. His gaze made its way up to her short, wavy brown hair and he finally found the breath to sigh. She was exactly his type.
That 1Night Stand service is really good.
Pangs of desire, absent for too long, radiated through him, and the ability to spend the night with another woman seemed closer to reality. Maybe I’m ready. Katie may be the only one I’ve been with, but that’s over. Right?
Either unaware of his presence or playing coy, his beautiful date hadn’t moved from her position at the windows. The more he watched her, the more he experienced déjà vu. Something so familiar about her….
He’d know that high-pitched squeaking sound anywhere. “Katie?”
She spun, her wide eyes, her jaw slack with surprise before it snapped shut. “Sam?”
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“I can ask you the same!”
They stared at one another for several moments, recovering from their shock. Her gaze drifted from his face to the flowers he held.
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” She snorted. “You’re my date?”

Adrianna's  Review:
Katheryn and Sam are two of the most relatable characters I have encountered in a while. The situation that they find themselves in… It’s one that I can see myself in at one point or another in my life. This story shows the love that these two people have for each other. Yes they may have both been set up with the 1Night Stand service by others in their life, especially since they are trying to recover after their divorce. 

Some of the things that Sam keeps to himself, keeps close to the breast so to speak, in this story reminded me so much of my own husband. The need Sam has to take care of his family keep the burden of what is really going on, is like seeing into my own marriage at points. Which shows me how real and relatable Ms. Catherine made these characters.
Then we have Katheryn and her own feelings of rejection and helplessness is like looking into a mirror. Any married or divorced woman would be able to relate to not only the character but to the situation that Katheryn found herself in.

I enjoyed seeing how that even though they were both looking for a 1 night stand, to try and help them move on, they never really stopped caring and loving each other. The fact that they end up being each other’s dates for the set up really does feel serendipitous. 

This is a story I highly recommend anyone who’s gone through rough patches in their marriage to read. It’s so heartwarming and will help you take a step back and remember all the good stuff.


  1. Thank you for the heartfelt review! I'm so glad you related to the characters. I wanted them to potentially be the everyday man and woman. We've all had these challenges in relationships, and they don't always have happy endings. Thankfully, we have romance stories to give us the happily ever after...

  2. Your review is spot on. I found the characters to be ones I could connect to and living lives that were relatable. I found Never Too Late to be a very enjoyable read and is a work I will highly recommend. Ms. Catherine is definitely on my preferred authors list.