Friday, June 21, 2013

Reminder: Giveaway for 50 followers

Just a friendly reminder that if I can hit 50 followers within the next 9 days, I am giving away 5 $5 Amazon or B&N gift cards!!  If I don't hit 50, I will only give one $5 gift card away, same as last month. 

The only glitch that I am seeing is that if you follow by email, I may not be able to see it.  So here is where I ask for your help in making sure that my followers section is correct.

If you follow and it is showing on the main page, then please know you are automatically entered in. 

If you follow but you don't see an icon representing you, please let me know!  You can email me or leave a comment so I can make sure you are entered in. 

Authors:  If you have cover reveals coming up, please let me know, I would love to promote it for you!  If you have an upcoming romance release, I would love to promote it.   After all, I am doing this because I love reading! 


  1. Good luck!!! I've tweeted and google plus'd.

  2. Thanks Tara! It's also not showing all my followers which is making it difficult. :( Only reason that I know is because of an active rafflecopter.