Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do you like sports and hot men? Try a sports romance!

Cassandra Carr here - thanks to Sarah for letting me take over her blog. ;-) I wanted to talk today about a burgeoning subgenre in romance: sports romance! What is sports romance? Basically, if the hero or heroine
One of my bull riders...
is/was an athlete or the book is set in the world of sports but perhaps the h/h aren't actually athletes, it's a sports romance. Authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jaci Burton write sports romances, and there are more coming on the market every day.

What's the allure of the sports romance? Well, I think a lot of that lies with the hero, though stories with female athletes can be very hot too. But what's not to like about a man who's really, really good at something and makes a lot of money doing it? Yes, there have been stories in the news about guys like Tiger Williams who think the world is their personal orgy opportunity, but by and large athletes are decent people.

Why do I write sports romance? Because I love sports, particularly hockey, though I write bull riders and will be expanding into some other sports in the next year or so. I know for a fact there are millions of female sports fans, so it follows that at least some percentage of them are also readers. BAM! A market for what I want to write. Yay!

Yep, sports heroes are pretty hot...
It's not just female sports fans who read sports romance, though. I know plenty of women who don't care for sports, but love reading romances featuring athletes. They like the excitement of the story and the action.
They love the Alpha males who tend to show up in sports romances.

So here are my questions - IF you read sports romance, why? IF NOT, why not?

If you want a great list of sports romances, check out this page on the sports romance-centered blog I started with my friend Jami Davenport, Romancing the Jock:

Now I need to go. I'm in the middle of revisions on...a sports romance!
-- Cassandra

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  1. I LOVE sports romance! I've read a few and my next release features a soccer coach. I love reading them (and writing them) because I love sports and I know many women who do. So why not combine 2 things we love- sports and romance?

  2. Alexa - I totally agree. Thanks for coming by and commenting!