Sunday, August 4, 2013

Real Life

Real life has been really busy and it impacted my reading time this week.  Last Sunday I finished Plain Pursuit by Alison Stone, which the review will be posted on Wednesday since it's Alison's turn for Wednesday with a WNY Author!   I tried to read White Heat by Jill Shalvis this week but was so exhausted that I was lucky if I read one or two chapters day. 

This upcoming week might be much of the same since I got an extra day at work this week.  I had to beg the new manager for the hours but supposedly my "normal" store opens back up August 12th, so I should resume "normal" schedule for the fall. 

Those that have been following this blog or know me through Facebook know that I am in graduate school and sometimes my reading is impacted by that.  The Fall semester starts on August 26th, but this semester is going to be even busier because I have an internship 2-3 days a week.  Plus I have 3 Saturdays that I have class all day. 

What does this mean for the reviews and this blog? 
Hopefully, not much.  Realistically speaking though, I won't be reading a lot of full length novels during the semester.  Novellas become my best option during the semester because I can easily read them in one evening.  However, if a full length novel catches my attention, I will read on the weekends. 

Promos, cover reveals, blog tours
I am still willing to be a part of these, but posting reviews with the posts will depend on how long the story is.  Also, I will have calendars ready for authors to coordinate dates through December.  If you know you have a release coming out between September and December, please let me know.   

Guest Reviews
If you are interested in doing guest reviews, please let me know.  My only request is that it be a romance story. 

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