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NONFICTION REVIEW: To Iraq and Back by Jessica Scott

To Iraq and Back
December 10, 2012
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Jessica Scott
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Book Info:
In 2009, Army second lieutenant Jessica Scott deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

It was a year of many firsts.

This is the first person journey through a combat tour in Iraq, through being a woman in the army and learning to be an officer in the unforgiving environment of a brigade combat team.

This is the journey of a writer, learning to find her voice.
This is the journey of a mother, confronting the emotions of leaving her children.
This is the story of an inexperienced lieutenant, growing into a leader. This is the journey as it happened, without commentary.

This is her blog. There are many blogs from the Iraq war, but this one is hers.

Sarah's Review:  
 I have been trying to figure out how to review this book for three weeks and I am going to struggle with it, but I NEED to write it.   I have been wanting to read this story for a while now, but didn't get a chance to because of Graduate School.  I am a huge supporter of the United States Military.

Please note: This story is JESSICA SCOTT's story and it is HER views. It is raw. It is emotional.  It is real.  

This book took me 3 days to read with my work schedule and I could read in short time frames because of the emotions.  I loved seeing her POV on being a woman who was in power, a woman in the military, leaving her daughters with her mom, and a writer in the making.   I love that she was brutally honest in many of the blogs.  I love that she didn't sugar coat things, but she also explained some things that non military people could understand when needed. 

I have a huge level of respect of our military and I don't tolerate people degraded our service members. Yes, there are a few bad apples in every bunch, but that doesn't mean that every soldier is bad.  While there will be people that will be disrespectful of our military, I won't tolerate it and will stand up with them.  

I know this review is very vague and I can't do it any other way.  If you support our service members, read this book.  If you want to read what it is like for a woman, read this book.  

Her follow-up book, The Long Way Home, is her experiences coming home and readjusting back to being a mother, wife, and soldier.  I haven't read it yet, but I will once summer session is over.  Probably in August.

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