Saturday, September 28, 2013

REVIEW & LINK TO FREE READ: The Nurse in Charge by Wendy S. Marcus

 The Nurse in Charge
Wendy S. Marcus

A Tornado. A missing son. A mother in crisis is The Nurse in Charge.

Single mom Ruby Kendell loves her job as charge nurse on the night shift in Frost Community Hospital’s Emergency Department  But when a tornado touches down outside the local elementary school during an evening program, she’s torn between leaving work to locate her five-year-old son and trusting her ex-boyfriend to go on her behalf. She’s a single mom. She’s the nurse in charge of coordinating the hospital’s Code Red response to the devastating disaster.

What would you do?

Here is the link to where you can read the story for free, as part of Amazon's Look Inside option:

Sarah's Review:

So I need to first thank Wendy S. Marcus for giving the whole story as part of the Amazon Look Inside.  I also need to thank Cassandra Dean for sharing this on Facebook.  I would have missed this amazing short story!  Since this story is so short, this review will be very short as well. 

If you like medical romances, then this is a story that you should read.  It shouldn't take you more than an hour.  I loved that these two characters had some "stuff" to work out, but they were in love and you could tell. 

I will be looking in to getting the anthology to read the rest of the stories. 

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