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BLOG TOUR: A Brutal Betrayal by DC Renee

Title: A Brutal Betrayal 
Author: DC Renee
Genre: Contemporary 
Release Date: September 30, 2014


Past. Everyone has one. It shapes the person they become. It determines the present. It even contributes to the future. And sometimes, people are thrown together in spite of it. 

It was no secret that Megan Verona was raped. It crippled her being, turning her from a vibrant young woman to someone who feared intimacy. After years of struggling, she decided to seek help with a therapist, Declan Connors, in hopes of being able to finally have a relationship. Declan wanted to help Megan; he wanted to help everyone who sought his aid, but she was different. She consumed his thoughts until he could no longer deny his feelings. He hadn’t expected to fall for her and fall hard, but he did. It was a wonder when she returned some of his sentiment. But, like everyone, Declan also has a past, one riddled with pain and anguish, one he hadn’t fully dealt with. 

If helping Megan brought out his own shadows, what did loving her do? How do both their pasts play a role in their future? Most importantly, can they conquer the past that threw them together?


If you are looking for an emotional ride, this is your book. 
Megan and Declan are both damaged. Both trying to overcome tragedies in their past that they are determined not to let ruin their future. They didn't count on the feelings that would develop.
The story is about healing and overcoming what appears to be the impossible. The obstacles that are thrown in Megan and Declan's way will either make them or break them. It will force them both to take a hard look at their lives and figure out what's worth fighting for and what you have to let go. I wasn't prepared for the amount of emotions I went through reading this book. A 4 star must read for any angst lover. 

About the Author:

About me, huh? Hmmm, let's see...some fun facts: I'm in my late twenties, I'm married to a great guy who likes to drive me crazy sometimes, but I love it and him, I am one of those people that when asked to do something says "No...Yes" (yeah, I know, I'm stuck in the 90's), I am a total nerd (like you couldn't tell), I am a Trojan (Fight On!), I work in health insurance (fun times-well, I actually work with my sis, so I guess they technically are fun times), I am way too close to my fam and I feel like I'm forgetting something, hmm...oh yeah, I LOVE to read and write!!!!

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